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Tips on Christmas gifts 2021


Shopping guide – gifts & shops in Stockholm

The wish lists are written, Christmas is approaching, but the beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree are still missing. Do you have a hard time figuring out what you want to buy for your loved ones, or don’t you know where to begin the shopping? In our shopping guide, we give you our best tips on appreciated gifts but also tips on stores in Stockholm where you can buy this year's Christmas gifts. Map of shopping tips in Stockholm at the end of the post.

Christmas gift of the year – Event Tickets

The pandemic is not over yet, but let's still hope that the Christmas gift of the year in 2021, the "Event Ticket", will bring joy and a lot of fun to many in the form of concerts, sporting events, theatres and more in 2022 at least. The organizers are many and the selection is large - choose the type of event that your friend, colleague or family member will appreciate.

Stromma Gift Card – experiences in Sweden

Give away a memory for life! Stromma's gift card is a popular and a much-appreciated Christmas gift by many. You choose your preferred value of the gift card and order it easily online. Those who receive the gift card can choose between all pleasant archipelago tours, dining cruises, sightseeing tours, and day trips that Stromma offers all around Sweden.

Tip - Last minute shopping? A Stromma Gift Card can be delivered the next weekday!

5 great shopping tips

Stockholm is a city with a large selection of shops where you can buy all your Christmas gifts. Below you’ll find five tips on a great shopping experience in the city centre.

Mood Stockholm on Norrmalm
Inspirational shopping with a large selection of many interesting brands can be found in the Mood Stockholm mall. Here you’ll find everything from fashion to interior and design classics as well as several different restaurants and cafés.

Shop on Drottninggatan
Along Drottninggatan in central Stockholm there are hundreds of different shops, restaurants, and cafés – from Norrström by Riksdagshuset all the way to Observatorielunden in Vasastan. The shops along the street belong to some of the largest brands in Sweden, but there is also a large selection of lesser-known and more unique shops.

NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) on Hamngatan
Are you looking for Christmas gifts with a touch of class? At NK, you’ll find the latest trends in a wide range within in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. You will find many prestigious brands and world-leading designers in the department store's six different floors.

Biblioteksgatan – Stockholm’s fashion district
Biblioteksgatan is Sweden's most exclusive shopping street that stretches from Norrmalmstorg to Stureplan with luxury shops within fashion and design. At Christmas time, the street is beautifully lit and decorated for Christmas. The red carpet is even rolled out for those who visit the fashion district, an experience beyond the ordinary for sure.

The new mall “Gallerian” on Hamngatan
In the middle of the city, you’ll find the new mall “Gallerian” which is a department store with all you can wish for. Here you’ll find the perfect gifts for the whole family in the wide range of shops. You have over 50 to choose from – everything from toys to technology and fashion for all ages.

Map with tips on shopping in Stockholm

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