Departure points in Stockholm

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Boat departure points in Stockholm city

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1. Klara Mälarstrand
Klara Mälarstrand 2
2. Strömkajen
Södra Blasieholmshamnen 11
3. Nybrokajen
Kajplats/berth 6-9
4. Nybrohamnen
Kajplats/berth 10-11
5. Strandvägen
Kajplats/berth 13-16

Berths Nybroviken & Klara Mälarstrand

  • Map with overview of the berths at Nybroviken, including Nybroplan/Nybrohamnen, Nybrokajen and Strandvägen.

    Most of our ships headed for the archipelago of Stockholm and its islands such as Fjäderholmarna, Vaxholm and Sandhamn depart from Nybroviken. Several sightseeing busses and boats also depart from here. In Nybroviken there are three quays, Nybroplan/Nybrohamnen, Nybrokajen and Strandvägen. For more information about the tours and departures, please check the specific site of the product you are interested in.

    The easiest way to get to Nybroviken is by subway to either Kungsträdgården or Östermalmstorg. You can also take the tram to Nybroplan.

  • Our tours and cruises on Lake Mälaren bound to, for example, Drottningholm and Birka depart from Klara Mälarstrand (by the City Hall). The sightseeing tour Stockholm City Canal Tour also departs from here.

    The easiest way to get to Klara Mälarstrand is to take a 10-minute walk from the Central Station (T-centralen) towards the City Hall. You can also take bus number 3 or 62, both of which stop at City Hall (Stadshuset).

  • Strömkajen is located in the heart of Stockholm, close to the Old Town, Kungsträdgården, and the city center. The easiest way to reach Strömkajen is by taking the subway to Kungsträdgården station or getting off a bus at one of the nearby stops.


    From Strömkajen, several of Stromma's sightseeing boat tours depart, such as the Stockholm Winter Tour by Boat, Royal Canal Tour in Stockholm, and Under the Bridges of Stockholm. One of our ticket kiosks where you can get more information and purchase tickets for all our products is also located here.


    Just a 3-minute walk from Strömkajen, you can board one of Stromma's Hop On-Hop Off buses at the Strömgatan bus stop.

    Kajplatser Strömkajen 2024 - WEBB.jpg

Departure points Cinderellabåtarna

See departure points for Cinderellabåtarna

Departure points Hop On - Hop Off buses

See route map for Hop On - Hop Off bus Stockholm

Boat stops

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Departure points outside Stockholm city

  • Pressbyrån Drottningholm (after the bridge opposite of the guest dock)

  • Boats stop at Augustendalsvägen 52 outside Restaurang J. Cinderella boats stop at Augustendalsvägen 54 outside Svenska Kryssarklubben.

  • Hamngatan 2 at Waxholms Hotell

  • Departure points for boats to the Birka the Viking City. Click on the map for more information about the departure points.

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