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Questions and answers – FAQ

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How to Make a Booking with Stromma

How do I book my ticket?
You can book your ticket directly on the website, by phone, through one of our sales representatives and partners in town, or at one of our ticket kiosks. Most of our tours are available for booking until departure. Read more about our booking terms on the Terms and Conditions page.

Can I make a preliminary booking?
Unfortunately, we do not accept preliminary bookings; payment is required immediately.

Is Pre-Booking Necessary?
If you want to secure a spot, we recommend pre-booking. Often, it's also possible to purchase a ticket either at the ticket kiosk at the departure point or from the onboard staff.


Cancellation - How to Cancel

Do you want to cancel or change your booking with us at Stromma? Contact our customer service, and they will assist you. Here you can learn about Stromma's cancellation policies.


Prices and Discounts at Stromma

Child Discount
Five children (0-5 years) travel for free per fully paying adult*.
Children aged 6-15 pay 50% of the adult price*.

Please note that all passengers require a valid ticket regardless of age. Children up to the age of 15 must travel accompanied by an adult.

*Please note that certain food cruises have a higher child price; refer to each tour for more information.

Group Discount
No group discounts are available.

School Trip Discount
For certain tours, a school trip discount is available on weekdays during the school year.

Daycare centers, preschools & elementary schools receive 50% off the adult price for all.

High schools & adult education centers (high school level) receive 10% off the adult price for all.


How to Make a Payment at Stromma

How can I pay?
When booking online, you can pay with MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Swish, and Stromma gift cards. Via the sales department over the phone, you can pay with MasterCard, VISA, Swish, and Stromma gift cards. If you purchase your ticket on-site, you can pay cash or with the credit cards MasterCard and VISA (not AMEX).

Can I pay by invoice?
Private parties and groups always pay in advance by card. Companies, schools, and associations can apply for invoicing for bookings worth at least SEK 5 000. Stromma then performs a credit check, and if approved, the amount can be invoiced after the arrangement has been completed. An invoicing fee of SEK 100 applies.

Can I pay by card onboard?
Yes, all our vessels accept VISA and MasterCard.


Before Departure - Good to Know

Do I need to bring the booking confirmation or is the booking number enough?
Once you have confirmed the booking, a confirmation with a mobile ticket will be sent to the email address you provided. Upon boarding, you can either show your ticket on your smartphone or have a printed confirmation with you. It's also possible to take a picture of the QR code and show the image when boarding.

How do I find your departure points and ticket kiosks?
On the pages for departure points and ticket shops, you will find addresses and opening hours.

When should I be at the location before departure?
If you have a pre-purchased ticket, you should be at the location approximately 15-20 minutes before departure.

Where can I park in central Stockholm?
Klara Mälarstrand (City Hall) - There are a number of parking spaces on Norr Mälarstrand west of the City Hall. The nearest parking garage is Gallerian Garage on Regeringsgatan (exit Klara Östra Kyrkogata).
Nybroviken - Parking spaces are very limited at Nybroviken. The nearest parking garage is Gallerian Garage on Regeringsgatan.
Strömkajen - There are no parking spaces at Strömkajen. The nearest parking garage is Gallerian Garage on Regeringsgatan.

Where can I park in Gothenburg?
Kungsportsplatsen - Parking is available along Basargatan or at the large parking lot at Heden, about a 10-minute walk from Kungsportsplatsen.
Lilla Bommen - Parking is available at Läppstiftet on Hamntorgsgatan and in the Nordstan parking garage, where there are also charging stations for electric cars.


Cruise Ships - Ports in Stockholm

Here are all the ports in Stockholm for cruise ships.
Nynäshamn - Our Hop On-Hop Off buses go to Nynäshamn during cruise ship arrivals and adjust to the time the cruise ship docks.
Frihamnen - Our Hop On-Hop Off buses go to and from the Frihamnsterminalen 638 when international cruise ships are in port. Buses depart from Frihamnsterminalen in the morning upon the ship's arrival and return in the afternoon to ensure you arrive in good time for the ship's departure.
Ferry passengers arriving with Tallink Silja are directed to T-bana Gärdet to reach the city and our regular stops.
Stadsgården - Our Hop On-Hop Off buses go to Stadsgården 167 daily and adjust to the cruise ship's schedule.


Is there WiFi on board buses and boats?

We offer free WiFi on all our buses and boats in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, with the exception of the Paddan boats in Gothenburg.


Dogs and Pets Onboard

Sightseeing boats/sightseeing buses
Please see FAQ/information under each sightseeing tour.

Excursion boats (Birka, Cinderella, Vaxholm, Fjäderholmarna, etc.)
Please see FAQ/information under each excursion tour.

Dining cruises (Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Archipelago cruises, etc.)
Pets are not allowed in our restaurants. Please see FAQ/information under each food cruise.


Strollers on Our Buses and Boats

There are different conditions on our boats and buses. Please see FAQ/information under each tour/cruise.

Forgot something on a bus or boat in Stockholm?

If you realize you've forgotten something on the same day, we suggest you quickly return to the boat/bus or contact our staff at one of our ticket kiosks in Stockholm. Found items are usually handed in at the nearest ticket kiosk at the end of the day, so in the meantime, they often remain with the captain/driver. You can also contact our customer service.
If you notice that you've forgotten something the day after or later, please email us at bokning@stromma.se. We'll need to know the departure time, boat or bus you were on, and a clear description of the item left behind. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Accessibility Onboard - Bus and Boat

Below you can read about the accessibility on board our boats. It's important to note that we cannot guarantee that our staff will be able to assist with lifting wheelchairs on/off.

Please contact our customer service for more detailed information about accessibility on specific vessels/routes.

Stockholm - Can you bring a wheelchair on board the boats?
There are different conditions on all our boats, see below.

Accessibility on board turn-of-the-century vessels
The older vessels have narrow passages, stairs, and height differences which make it difficult to maneuver a wheelchair on board these ships.

Accessibility on board Cinderellabåtarna
The main deck of M/S Cinderella II is accessible for wheelchairs and electric scooters, subject to space availability. The main deck also features accessible toilets and a cafeteria. However, access to upper decks and outdoor decks is challenging.
Please note that sometimes we may need to use an extra or replacement boat that may not have the same facilities as M/S Cinderella II. You are welcome to call our customer service the day before departure for more information.

Accessibility on board our transport and sightseeing boats
Some of our sightseeing boats are adapted for wheelchairs, but only one of the boats has an accessible toilet on board for people with mobility impairments. Normally, our boats to Fjäderholmarna can accommodate wheelchairs, but this may vary as we sometimes use replacement boats.

Read more detailed information about our ships in Stockholm 

Gothenburg - Can you bring a wheelchair on board the boats?
There are different conditions on all our boats, see below.

Accessibility on board M/S S:t Erik
Narrow passages on board, many stairs, and height differences on board make it difficult to maneuver a wheelchair on board these ships.

Accessibility on board M/S Carl Michael Bellman
There are few height differences on board but there are a few steps down to the boat and a threshold before entering. The dining room is on the main deck and there is an accessible toilet on board for people with mobility impairments (though it has a narrow door opening). The ship is relatively accessible but not wheelchair accessible.

Accessibility for Paddan Sightseeing
The Paddan boats are located 12 steps down from the quay and all passengers must be able to either sit on the floor or have their heads between their knees when passing under the lowest bridges.

Read more detailed information about our boats in Gothenburg

Can you bring an electric scooter on board the boats?
See the answer regarding wheelchairs above for Stockholm and Gothenburg. The conditions are slightly worse with an electric scooter as they are heavy and can be difficult to lift at the gangway.

Can a companion travel for free?
No. Companions pay full price except for the Paddan and Paddan Säveån tours, where companions travel for free.

Is there an accessibility-adapted sightseeing tour by bus?
Yes, the Hop On-Hop Off buses have a ramp for wheelchairs as well as accessibility-adapted seating with headphone jacks for the guided tour.


Can I smoke on board?

No, smoking is not allowed on our boats.


Can I bring my bicycle?

There are different conditions on our boats and buses. On the Cinderella boats, you may bring a bicycle subject to space availability, but electric bikes or cargo bikes are not permitted. We cannot guarantee space for bicycles as passengers and luggage are given priority. Bicycles are hung over the railing, and we are not responsible for any damages. There may be a charge for bringing a bicycle, payable on board the boat.


Food and Drinks on Our Boats

Is there a restaurant/café on board?
On our excursion vessels (to Drottningholm, Sandhamn, Grinda, etc.), there is a restaurant/café on board. If you wish to dine in the restaurant, we recommend booking one of our dining cruises. Most of our sightseeing boats and boats to Fjäderholmarna have a café on board (not available on Hop On-Hop Off).

Read more and book a dining cruise in Stockholm

Read more and book a dining cruise in Gothenburg

Onboard restaurant - Where can I find the menus?
The menus are presented for each dining cruise, both in Swedish and English.

How to inform about special dietary needs/allergies?
Make your booking online as usual. Then, email your booking number along with information/requests/questions to bokning@stromma.se. We will add this to your booking so that the onboard staff can see it.

Customer service - Do you have any more questions?
You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or if you need assistance with a booking.

Please contact our customer service >>

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