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Celebrate Easter in Stockholm – best tips


Things to do - Easter candy, tasty food, sightseeing and Easter games

Easter is almost here and for most it means a little bit of extra time off and hopefully time with your loved ones. Wondering what to do? Candy stores, tasty food, sightseeing by boat and fun Easter games – here you can find the top things to do in Stockholm and the archipelago during the Easter weekend.

Easter weekend food tips

Traditional Swedish holiday food usually involves a buffet style meal, often featuring different kinds of pickled herring, meatballs and eggs in many different variations. Here you can find your best food tips – and some delicious alternative options to the traditional Easter meal.

Easter brunch cruise  
In the artfully restored dining room onboard classic archipelago ship M/S Östanå I you can enjoy a fantastic brunch cruise through the Stockholm archipelago. The brunch is served directly to your table as dishes to share and feature modern Scandinavian flavours and seasonal produce. Combined with stunning archipelago views it’s one of the best brunch experiences in Stockholm.  

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Delicious food at Ornö Skärgårdshotell
In the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago you can find the brand new hotel Ornö Skärgårdshotell, located right by the sea and with nature around corner. During the Easter weekend the restaurant features a guest visit from this summer’s restaurateurs who have composed a menu with modern, yet classic Scandinavian dishes such as veal, Arctic char, ramson and rhubarb. Make a reservation in advance to secure a table in the restaurant. The hotel also has hotel rooms if you fancy an overnight or weekend stay.

Where to buy the best Easter candy

Candy and sweets are usually a big part of Easter. Why not treat yourself to some luxury Easter candy this year – here are some of our favourites!

Arkipelag confectionery in Vaxholm 
This is a modern yet traditional candy store with a wide selection. At the Arkipelag confectionery you can find homemade chocolate, as well as pick and mix sweets and selected confectionary bags. They have an Easter special called the ”Easter Bomb” – a homemade chocolate egg filled with marshmallows that you dip in to a cup of hot milk.

TOP TIP  – You can travel with classic archipelago ship M/S Östanå I to or from Vaxholm

Easter special at Pärlans Konfektyr at Nytorgsgatan in Stockholm
Sweets is so much more than just candy! If you haven’t tried the fudge from Pärlan’s Konfektyr (made from real cream, butter and sugar) we highly recommend paying a visit to their shop on Nytorgsgatan in Stockholm. This Easter they offer treats inspired by spring, such as Easter eggs in various sizes and different kinds of fudge.

Stockholm sightseeing by boat during Easter

During the Easter weekend two of Stockholm’s most popular sightseeing tours start for the season. The guided tours is an exciting way to experience Stockholm!

Under the bridges of Stockholm
Travel under twelve bridges, through the locks between Saltsjön and Lake Mälaren and past famous landmarks and buildings with popular sightseeing tour Under the Bridges of Stockholm. The tour is 2 hours and 15 minutes long and lets you see Stockholm from a whole new perspective. There is a café onboard where you can buy hot and cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches.

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Royal Canal Tour
The sightseeing tour Royal Canal Tour takes you from central Stockholm through the canal and around the island of royal Djurgården where you pass historical buildings and famous landmarks. It’s a popular tour that takes just under an hour.   

TOP TIP – Pre-book your ticket online for guaranteed spot onboard Royal Canal Tour

Fun Easter games for children

Hopefully the nice spring weather will make an appearance for Easter so that you can spend some quality time outside. Here are two fun games that are suitable for the entire family!

Easter egg hunt
An Easter egg hunt is fun for both adults and children and easily adapted to suit the “hunter’s” age. Here are three different ways you can do it:

  1. Give the child the end of a string that has been wound around the garden. Let the child follow the string to the egg’s hiding place.  
  2. Place feathers in the garden and hide the egg near one of them. First to find the egg wins! 
  3. Let the child find a number of smaller eggs containing clues to where the bigger egg is hidden.

Play egg boule – perfect outdoor game
Egg boule is the perfect outdoor game to play during Easter celebrations. You’ll need a lawn, two hard boiled and dyed eggs per player and an Easter egg (or another prize) for the winner. The Easter egg is placed on the lawn and the players line up and take their turn to throw one of their coloured eggs as close to the Easter egg as possible and repeat until all eggs have been thrown. If you want you can try to knock the opponents eggs out of the way – the closest egg wins!  

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