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Excursion to Fjäderholmarna in the Stockholm Archipelago


Guide with Tips - Sights, Cafes, Restaurants & Activities

Are you planning to visit Stockholm's nearest archipelago island, Fjäderholmarna? Then take the boat from central Stockholm directly to the historic islands that since 1381 are referred to as Fjäderholmarna. During the 30-minute boat ride, you can enjoy Stockholm from Saltsjön.
When you step ashore on the island, you can take a stroll in the archipelago environment among piers, picturesque buildings, and sun-warmed cliffs. In our guide, we give you our best tips on restaurants and cafes as well as things to do and see on Fjäderholmarna. At the bottom of the post, there is a map with all our tips on Fjäderholmarna.

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Restaurants and Cafés on Fjäderholmarna

On Fjäderholmarna, there are several good restaurants, taverns, and cafés with different orientations and different price ranges – choose the option that suits you best.

Fjäderholmarnas Krog
Right by the water is Fjäderholmarnas Krog. You can choose between sitting inside the dining room or on the outdoor terrace. Go here if you like high-quality food with inspiration from the archipelago.

Röda Villan
It serves everything from good coffee to food and drink in a relaxed archipelago environment. In the garden surrounding the archipelago house from 1897, there is also a bar and the opportunity to rent a boule game. When the weather is fine, the grill is open.

Restaurang Rökeriet
Enjoy smoked delights from the sea. The smoked food is interspersed with both classic and modern dishes in the restaurant. In the deli, you can buy sandwiches, salads, and other goodies to enjoy on a cliff, on the boat, or at home.

Systrarna Degen
Small and famous cottage with a large selection. There are simple lunches, sandwiches, and pastries for all ages. Craving ice cream? At Systrarna Degen, there is Swedish-made ice cream in all sizes.

Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri
Here you can visit an archipelago-style brewery. Choose beer from the brewery's wide range. The beer is served directly from the beer tanks. Here you can also order a snack or something good to eat.

Do you want to try several beers? Join a beer tasting where you get the chance to learn more and test different varieties.

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Attractions and Activities on Fjäderholmarna

Fjäderholmarna has a lot to offer and there is something to see and experience for everyone. Handicrafts, exhibitions, and activities – what do you want to do?

Handicrafts on Fjäderholmarna
On Fjäderholmarna, there are many talented craftsmen and artists who have shops, galleries, and workshops. Visit Ullverkstan, Textilt uttryck, Vävboden, Krukmakeriet and Solberga. Handelsbod can be found in Hantverkslängan. Glashyttan and Smedjan with their exciting products can be found in Verkstadslängan.

Fjäderholmarna’s Chocolate
Do you like chocolate? Then a visit to Fjäderholmarna's chocolate is a must. In the shop, there are lots of sweets such as pralines, brackish and cakes to buy. You can also peek into the kitchen where the sweets are made. The flavors of chocolate have an exciting connection to the history of Fjäderholmarna.

Play Boule at Röda Villan
Boule, or Pétanque as it is called in France, is available to play at Fjäderholmarna. At the Red Villa, you can rent a boule game. Play together with friends, family, or colleagues – fun for everyone! If you are more than 10 people, you can also book a boules tournament with an instructor.

The Exhibition Allmogebåtar
Are you interested in boat building? On Fjäderholmarna there is a non-profit association called Allmogebåtar. They work to preserve and show how the common people transported themselves on the sea before the plastic boat was invented. At the museum on Fjäderholmarna, there are several boats to see.

How to Get to Fjäderholmarna by Boat

Since Fjäderholmarna is an island, you must of course go by boat here. The easiest way is to take the boat directly from Strandvägen in the middle of central Stockholm. The journey takes only 30 minutes and on board the boat there is a café.

If you come with your own boat, you can dock in the guest harbor on Fjäderholmarna and pay the harbor fee.

Tip – pre-book your boat ticket to Fjäderholmarna to guarantee your place on board.

Map of Fjäderholmarna – Attractions, Cafés, Restaurants, and Activities

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