; Swimming in Stockholm - find the best swimming spots
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Swimming in Stockholm - find the best swimming spots


Beaches to suit everyone in the archipelago and the city

Summer and sunny days are here at last! Looking for places to swim in Stockholm? Many of us love nothing better than a refreshing dip, so we’ve listed the best places to swim in Stockholm and in the archipelago. You might just discover a new favourite! Our top tip is to combine your swimming and sunbathing with a boat trip in the archipelago. The map at the end of this post shows where to swim in Stockholm - both lake swimming, open water swimming, and wild swimming!

Picturesque swimming spot in central Vaxholm

Norrhamnsbadet is a charming swimming spot in central Vaxholm, just below the picturesque rocks at Battery Park. There are rocks, a jetty and a small, child-friendly beach for swimming and sunbathing. The view across the bay, especially on a summer evening, is mesmerising.

HOW TO GET HERE:  Take the boat to Vaxholm - prebook for a guaranteed place onboard. Once you arrive in Vaxholm, it takes just 5 minutes or so to walk from the quay to the beach. Take the road over the hills in Battery Park or walk through the old part of Vaxholm - follow Cronhamn Street until you reach the water.

Fredhällsbadet on Kungsholmen

Fredhällsbadet on Kungsholmen is an idyllic rocky outcrop where experienced swimmers can jump straight into the cool, clear water. It’s the perfect sunbathing, swimming and picnicking spot, with a stunning view over Lake Mälaren. The sunsets here on a beautiful summer evening are magnificent! It’s absolute one of the best places to swim in Stockholm. 

HOW TO GET HERE: Naturally, you can walk or cycle to Fredhällsbadet. You can also take the Stockholm Metro green line to Kristineberg and walk along the shoreline to Fredhällsbadet.

Family-friendly beach on Grinda

There are lots of great places to swim and sunbathe on Grinda – sandy beaches, jetties or rocky beaches. You’ll find the most child and family-friendly beach next to the restaurants, the Grinda Wärdshus inn and general store.
Young children can paddle and build sandcastles, while older children can swim farther out – perfect for the whole family.

HOW TO GET HERE: Our Cinderella boats are a quick and convenient way for you to travel to and from Grinda. Prebook for a guaranteed place onboard. Walk across the island for about 15 minutes and follow the signs to Grinda Wärdshus – just before you get there, you’ll see the beach to your left.

Strandbad on Långholmen

Långholmen Strandbad is a pleasant spot with a sandy beach and grass areas for sunbathing. It’s also a popular place for picnics and leisure activities, both for Stockholm residents and visitors. The amenities include a shower and several toilets.

HOW TO GET HERE: You can walk, cycle or catch an SL bus from central Stockholm to Långholmen and back again.

Trouville – a white sandy beach on Sandhamn

Trouville is white sandy beach on the south side of the island Sandhamn. This long stretch of sand is a marvellous place to spend a lazy summer day swimming and sunbathing. Trouville has almost a Mediterranean feel!

HOW TO GET HERE: Our Cinderella boats are a quick and comfortable way for you to travel to and from Sandhamn. Prebook for a guaranteed place onboard. The Trouville beach is about a 20-minute walk from the harbour – simply follow the signs. The road is easy to walk on and accessible for people of all ages, plus baby strollers.

Kvarnsjön – sweet spot in Gustavsberg

When you visit Gustavsberg, the Art Gallery and Porcelain Museum are the top attractions. On a sunny day, it may be pleasant to take time out from sightseeing to cool off with a refreshing dip. Take a 15-minute walk to Kvarnsjön for a swim in the warm water from a rocky beach. There are several bathing areas on the west side, but you’ll find rocks all around the lake from which you can access the water.

HOW TO GET HERE: Take our classic M/S Gustafsberg VII to and from Gustavsberg. Enjoy a guided boat tour along scenic canals; prebook for a guaranteed place onboard. From Gustavsberg Harbour, walk along Gustavsbergs Allé and turn on to Krutbruksvägen – follow it until you reach the lake.

Ekhagens Strandbad on Norra Djurgården

Ekhagens Strandbad, also known as ‘Lappis,’ at Lappkärrsberget on Norra Djurgården is a pleasant sandy beach. You can either stop here and swim from the beach, or continue along the wonderful forest path to find your very own rocky outcrop to swim from.

HOW TO GET HERE: Catch an SL bus to the Stora Lappkärrsberget bus stop or enjoy a 30-minute bicycle ride from central Stockholm.

Swim-friendly beach on Birka

What better place to enjoy the legendary ‘Saturday Bath’ of the true Viking? Naturally, you can swim in the sea at Birka on any day of the week, but in Scandinavian countries the name for Saturday derives from the old word laugr meaning bath.
On Birka, there’s a small sandy beach surrounded by grassy areas – perfect for enjoying a refreshing dip after touring the archaeological site. Knowing that the water you’re swimming in once filled the bathtubs of the Vikings makes the experience even more fun!

HOW TO GET HERE: The most convenient way to get to and from Birka is by boat from Klara Mälarstrand. Your boat ticket also includes a guided tour of the archaeological site and admission to the museum. If you have your own boat, you can moor and pay the port fee at the guest harbour on Birka.

A refreshing swim on the Fjäderholm Islands

The Fjäderholm Islands are the closest archipelago islands to Stockholm and are just a 30-minute boat journey away. On the Fjäderholm Islands, there are swim-friendly rocks with fantastic views, as well as smaller beaches for anyone who wants to cool off on a hot summer day. Fjäderholm Islands is definitely one top tips of Stockholm swimming spots.

HOW TO GET HERE: The fastest way for you to get to and from the Fjäderholm Islands is by boat from Strandvägen in central Stockholm. Prebook for a guaranteed place onboard.

Map - best swimming spots in Stockholm

Are you looking where to swim in Stockholm? Find your favorite outdoor swimming in Stockholm on the map below!

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