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Five tips for different sightseeing in Stockholm


Discover Swedish history, culture, food and art

Prepare your visit to Stockholm so that you get the most out of your stay in the Swedish capital. Here you will find tips that will make visit extra interesting and fun!

Sightseeing tour by bus - orientate yourself in the city

A good start to your stay in a new city is with a sightseeing tour. This way, you get to know the city and discover parts that you might want to visit later. Also, the tour introduces you to the city’s sights and you get to learn about the history and present day. This bus tour also passes the most beautiful viewpoints in the city and it is guided in 10 different languages!

Guided food walk - for food enthusiasts

Enjoy a guided food walk for 2.5 hours; visit selected restaurants, cafés and shops with roots in the Nordic cuisine where you will have the opportunity to try different dishes. During the tour you will discover both classic and newly opened restaurants and cafés. This is a delightful way to get to know the Nordic pure flavors.

Historical ghost walk - for the history lover

This guided evening walk in the Old Town is an experience for all senses. For 90 minutes, the neighborhood's dark streets and alleys are explored and you get to see, feel, smell and taste the history. The ghost walk introduces you to Stockholm's history, the murders, myths, diseases and of course ghosts. Do you dare?

Guided tour of the City Hall - if you are interested in architecture

Stockholm City Hall is one of Sweden's most iconic buildings. The architect Ragnar Östberg was inspired by many different styles but mainly renaissance and romantic nationalism. On the guided tour you will see the Blue Hall where the annual Nobel banquet takes place, the Golden Hall with its 19 million gold mosaics and the Council Hall where the city council meets. You can only visit the City Hall on a guided tour.

Art in the subway - for the art lover

Sit down and relax on a subway train and enjoy what is said to be the world's longest art exhibition. 150 artists have decorated 90 of Stockholm's 100 metro stations. These are some of the metro stations worth a visit: Kungsträdgården, City Hall, Solna Centrum, Hötorget, Thorildsplan, Bagarmossen, Tekniska Högskolan and Stadion.

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