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Golden Bridge in Stockholm – our top central viewpoints


Top viewpoints over the Golden Bridge in Stockholm

Everything you need to know about the new Slussen bridge.  
Few people in Stockholm have missed the arrival of the new Slussen-bridge. It reached Stockholm during the Afternoon on March 11. Along the quays of Stockholm curious locals had gathered to welcome this amazing construction by Slussen, which is an area in central Stockholm that link the Old Town to the district of Södermalm. Around 640 000 people pass through here daily via public transport, with an additional 50 000 people on foot or bike as well as 30 000 cars.

8 quick facts about the Golden Bridge by Slussen 

  • Length 140 meters 
  • Width 45 meters 
  • Weight aprox. 3700 tonne 
  • Designed by architect Spencer de Grey 
  • Made out of steel 
  • Construction started in 2018 
  • Made in China 
  • Estimated lifespan of 120 years

Best places to see the Golden Bridge

We have listed the top four spots to view the Golden Bridge, be it from above or from the sea.  
Right by the area of Slussen you have Katarinahissen (The Katarina Elevator). At the top you have the perfect view above the Golden Bridge. Katarinahissen makes for a generally wonderful viewpoint over Stockholm as you can see both the city rooftops as well as the beginning of the Stockholm archipelago. Especially beautiful at sunset! 
If you take a leisurely walk across the bridge to the island of Skeppsholmen, make sure you stop to take the obligatory Instagram-picture by the golden crown with the royal palace in the background. If you follow the quay on Skeppsholmen you have unprecedented view of Slussen.  
If you want to get close and almost feel like you are walking up to it, Skeppsbron by Old Town is the place to go. Here you will get a real up-close experience!  
If you want to see the bridge from the water, you should definitely join a guided boat tourThe Archipelago Tour with Guide will cruise through the inner archipelago whilst the guide tells you interesting facts about the sights along the way. When you near Nybroviken you can see the Golden Bridge from the boat. 
If you are not able to see the Golden Bridge in person, check out this incredible film made by photographer Ola Ericson for The Museum of Photography in Stockholm. You can see the whole film on their Facebook page. You can also see more beautiful images of Stockholm on Ola Ericson’s Instagram page.

Why is it called the Golden Bridge?

Many people wonder why it’s called the Golden Bridge. The name has a historic connotation to the bay closest to Slussen, which was called the Golden Bay. This is where the city’s latrine was emptied, hence the golden colour.   
The colour of the bridge also has a golden sheen to it, which was chosen to blend in with the colours of the surrounding buildings.  

The long travel from China to Sweden

The Golden Bridge was transported from China loaded on the cargo ship M/S Zhen Hua 33. It’s been transported in one piece all the way through the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean and through the English Chanel and the Baltic Sea all the way to Stockholm. 
The delivery was delayed due to rough weather conditions. The bridge was meant to arrive in February but didn’t get to Stockholm until the 11th of March. On that afternoon thousands of people gathered on the quays of Stockholm to watch the bridge arrive. 

If everything goes according to plan the bridge will be open for traffic on the 24th of August 2020. 


Photo: Frankie Fouganthin

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