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Where to store luggage during your stay in Stockholm


Three tips for luggage storage

A good place to leave your luggage is at your hotel. Often you can leave your bags there if you arrive before check-in, the same applies if you check out and do not plan to leave the city until later in the day. If your hotel is located far outside the city, it can of course be time consuming to pick up your bags there if you plan to spend the day in the city. Here are three places for luggage storage and sightseeing tours with bus and boat in Stockholm. The map at the end of this post shows you where all our luggage storages and sightseeing tips are located in Stockholm.

Hand in the bags at Radical Storage

This is a practical type of luggage drop-off. Your bags are stored at "Angels" which can be bars, shops and bistros within a geographically defined area. These can themselves register for Radical Storage and after being checked and approved they become an "Angel". You can hand in your bags every day of the week. No limit on size or weight.

Speedlocker in Stockholm

Here you can store your luggage in lockers, choose between different sizes. The Speedlockers are located at different places in Stockholm - Stockholm Central Station, Gröna Lund, Viking Line terminal and ferry terminal in Värtahamnen. 

Here you find the luggage lockers:

  • Stockholm Central Station - on street level next to the escalator.
    Here you can hand in luggage that will not fit in the lockers.
  • Gröna Lund - limited storage is available outside of the park for a fee. 
  • Viking Line terminal - on the street level in the terminal. 
  • Värtahamnen - on level 2 in the terminal. 

Luggage lockers at Åhlens City

At Åhlens City in the centre of Stockholm you can store your bags in lockers in different sizes. You find the lockers on level 2 and a cabin bag will fit in the biggest variant.

Sightseeing in Stockholm - bus and boat

Once you have left your bags in safe storage you can discover the capital of Sweden. The best way to explore a new city is to go on a sightseeing tour. In Stockholm you can choose between tours with bus or boat. Here are our five best sightseeing tips:

Map  - tips at luggage storages and sightseeing tours

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