Where to store luggage during your stay in Stockholm

Luggage storage in Stockholm

Three tips for luggage storage

A good place to leave your luggage is at your hotel. Often you can leave your bags there if you arrive before check-in, the same applies if you check out and do not plan to leave the city until later in the day. If your hotel is located far outside the city, it can of course be time consuming to pick up your bags there if you plan to spend the day in the city. Here are three places for luggage storage.

Hand in the bags at Bagbnb

This is a new type of luggage drop-off. Your bags are stored at "Angels" which can be bars, shops and bistros within a geographically defined area. These can themselves register for Bagbnb and after being checked and approved they become an "Angel". You can hand in your bags between 9am - 7pm every day of the week. No limit on size or weight.

Address: Various, depending on which location you choose. Exact address is stated at the time of booking.

Speedlocker at the Central Station and in Värtahamnen

Here you can store your luggage in lockers, there are two different sizes, Medium box and Large box. At the Central Station there is the possibility to hand in luggage that will not fit in the lockers. Speedlocker can be found at the Central Station on street level next to the escalator and in the upper hall, there are also lockers at the ferry terminal in Värtahamnen.

Address: Stockholm Central Station and Värtahamnen, Hamnpirsvägen 10

Once you have left your bags in safe storage you can discover the capital of Sweden. The Hop on- Hop off buses makes it easy for you to navigate between shopping, sights and attractions.