; Outdoor activities for the entire family in Stockholm
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Outdoor activities for the entire family in Stockholm


Our top tips for outings in nature, boat rides and outdoor games and activities 

Pack your picnic basket with your family’s favourite snacks and dress for a day full of outside adventures! There are lots of lovely parks and nature reserves to visit in and around Stockholm. Or dress warm and enjoy a boat trip in the archipelago outside on the top deck of M/S Angantyr. These are our top tips!

Boat trip in the archipelago – sit outside 

On the top deck of M/S Angantyr you can sit outside and enjoy the sea breeze and the stunning views of the Stockholm Archipelago. There are reindeer pelts and fleece blankets to keep you warm. The Stockholm Winter Tour starts at Strömkajen and glides past the quays out to the small archipelago island of Fjäderholmarna and back. The guide will tell you interesting facts about the buildings and sights that you pass on the way. If you get peckish you can order a hot homemade soup to keep you warm. 

Visit Nyckelviken in Nacka

Nyckelviken in Nacka, just outside of Stockholm, is a perfect destination for a family outing. Here you can see buildings from mid-1700’s, a unique population of oak trees, woodland paths and smooth rocks by the sea. If you are up for some exercise, there is a 5,1 km long trail perfect for running and jogging.  It is mostly level, but with one steep hill and a set of stairs to really get your pulse racing! You’ll find the trail by following the yellow markings on the trees. 

Campfires and bike rides at Järvafältet 

Järvafältet is a nature reserve with a varied landscape. Many consider the Hansta Forrest with its varying woodland scenery to be the most beautiful. At Järvafältet there are several marked trails, paths and resting areas with campfires and chopped wood ready if you would like to light a fire to grill a hotdog or two. If you like biking Järvafältet is perfect for you. There is a bike track that takes you through five different nature reserves and by old farms, meadows, woods and lakes. It starts by the stations at Järvafältet and by following the green markings it takes you through Solna, Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sollentuna and eventually back to Järfälla.  

Royal Djurgården – Stockholms largest nature area 

Discover the green oasis that is Royal Djurgården and find your own favourite spot. Take a long walk along the channel, or if you desire even more peace and quiet – make your way out to Biskopsudden at the very end of Djurgården. Here you can find lots of places to enjoy the views and a quiet picnic. 

Craggy rocks in Älsvjö Forrest 

The Älsvjö Forrest is mostly made up of craggy rockfaces. If you are lucky you might see a variation of coniferous birds. If you visit one of the lakes in the area you can find frogs and water salamanders. You can also find several resting places with campfires. If you are keen on exercising there are several trails and an outdoor gym at your leisure. 

3 outdoor activities for children

  • Pick up trash - Have fun while doing good by bringing a bag each and pick up trash as you go for a walk. Make it in to a fun game – who can find the most? Who can find the weirdest trash? What’s the most common trash found in nature? You can also make it in to a competition by assigning different kinds of rash with points before you head out – most points in the bag by the end of the walk wins! 
  • A woodland treasure hunt – This is a good activity as it can be adapted depending on the children’s age and where you are. One person decides what the other’s should get like a pine cone, a leaf etc. If you want to make it more educational you can bring a nature book so that you together can read up on which tree or bush the “treasure” came from.  

  • Reverse Hide and Seek – Everyone knows Hide and Seek right? Next time try doing it backwards! Everyone, but one person, counts to 100 out loud. The one person who doesn’t count finds a place where more than one person can hide. Once the rest have counted to 100 they start looking for the person hiding. When one person finds them, they join them in hiding. The last person to find the hiding spot loses! 
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