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Travel tips Sweden - cruise along Göta Canal


The Göta Canal winds its way 19 kilometers across Sweden, from Sjötorp on Lake Vänern to Mem at Slätbaken. With its 58 locks and hand-dug channels, Göta Canal is one of the largest building projects ever carried out in Sweden. The canal took 22 years to complete and was opened on September 26, 1832. Rederi AB Göta Kanal offers cruises that are 2-6 days long. On board, guests enjoy fantastic views, food on board and guided tours along the route. Here are our three favorite cruises on Göta Canal.


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1. Classic canal cruise - a four-day trip between Stockholm and Gothenburg
This is a four-day cruise on Göta Canal with the ship M/S Juno from 1874 - the world's oldest registered passenger ship with cabins. The boat trip takes you the beautiful waterway through Sweden from Gothenburg to Stockholm or vice versa. This package includes overnight and breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the journey, the boat stops at historically and culturally interesting places and guided tours are included in the trip's price. This year, this tour has been around for 150 years, which will be a historic journey in a double sense. Read more about the classic canal cruise here.

2. Mini canal cruise - a two day trip between Motala and Söderköping

Mini canal cruise is a two day scenic journey through Östergötland. The beautiful 19th century ship M/S Wilhelm Tham from 1912 takes you from Vättern's beach in Motala, to Söderköping, or vice versa. This package includes overnight and breakfast, lunch and dinner. This cruise is perfect for a restful vacation. Both M/S Juno (1874) and M/S Wilhelm Tham (1912) are specially built to fit the small locks on Göta Canal. Both vessels are also K-marked, because they are considered to have a significant cultural-historical value. Read more about Mini canal cruise here.

3. Göta Canal highlights - a three-day trip between Mariestad and Norsholm

Göta Canal highlights with the ship M/S Wilhelm Tham is a three day boat trip from Mariestad, lake Vänern to Norsholm in Östergötland or vice versa. The package includes overnight and breakfast, lunch and dinner. Excursions and guided tours along the way are also included in the price. This cruise is perfect for those who want to experience the highlights of Göta Canal at a quiet pace. At night, the boat is standstill, so you don't miss any sights. Read more about the Göta Canal highlights here. 

Rederi AB Göta Canal celebrates 150 years
February 27 this year it is 150 years since Rederi AB Göta Kanal was founded under the name Ångfartygsaktiebolaget Motala Ström and has since been traveling the Göta Canal with its cruise ships. The classic canal trip between Stockholm and Gothenburg has been maintained since the beginning of 1869.



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