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Seven of Stromma’s sustainability projects 2019


Eco label KRAV, reduced plastics use & eco wines

På Stromma jobbar vi med ständiga förbättringar inom vårt hållbarhetsarbete. Här presenteras några av våra hållbarhetsprojekt som vi arbetat med under 2019 – arbete med att göra våra restauranger mer hållbara, insamling av skräp från vattnet runt våra båtar och en utvärdering av de lekplatser som vi skapat för fiskar med hjälp av kasserade julgranar.

KRAV-certified restaurants

Over the course of 2019, we crossed the finish line with getting all our restaurants and cafés on Kastellet, Birka, and aboard our dinner cruises certified with the Swedish eco label KRAV. The certificate attests that we use ingredients that have been sourced organically and fulfils high standards when it comes to animal care, health, social responsibility, and climate impact. Read more about the certification requirements and what the label means on the KRAV homepage.

Cleaning soap and detergents in restaurants

We have banished all harmful cleaning soaps and detergents from our restaurant kitchens. Instead, we only use eco-labelled cleaning agents combined with some good, old tried and true home cleaning methods to keep everything squeaky clean!

Double-certified coffee, tea, and cocoa

We only serve double-certified coffee, tea, and cocoa in all our restaurants. A double-certificate means that the product in question has received a fair trade as well as an eco certificate. Every year, Stromma receives an ecological bill showing the positive impact on nature, animals, and people when we purchase eco coffee.

Reduced use of plastic

We take great efforts to substantially our use of plastic – we don’t use any plastic drinking straws and only use single-use plastic articles if there’s no eco-friendly alternative available.

Sustainable Menus

That our restaurants have been awarded the KRAV label means that at least 15 ingredients with the KRAV label are used in the food preparation process. We also have increased our vegetarian and vegan options while decreasing the amount of animal protein in favor of more vegetables. You also won’t find any fish that’s on the red list of the WWF’s fish guide as part of our menus.

We’ve even put quite some work into our selection of wines during the fall with the result that you’ll find a large selection of exciting eco wines on our wine lists in 2020! And of course, we’ll continue to offer the delicious Stromma Eco Lager, our very own ecological beer!

A playground for fish

For several years now, we’ve been working together with Sportfiskarna, Sweden’s fishing association, by sinking Christmas trees into Stockholm’s waters at select spots. Our hope was that fish would find them and use them as breeding and playgrounds. When we checked up on what had happened under the surface in the spring, our wildest dreams were exceeded: at several spots, the trees were full of fish eggs, hopefully leading to an increase in the fish population in our waters! An exciting project that you can read more about here.

Swimming garbage bins

To help with garbage floating in the water, we installed a swimming garbage bin, a so-called Seabin, in the water where our boats depart to Drottningholm and Birka. This floating garbage bin is able to collect as much as 1.5 kg of garbage and litter swimming in the water a day! It even collects microplastics, oil particles, and other pollutants.

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