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Staycation in Stockholm – our top activity tips


Activities for a day in Stockholm for locals & tourists

Enjoy a one-day staycation in your home city. Spend a day doing the same things you’d do on a day in Barcelona or Paris. You know that museum you’ve been meaning to visit or that sightseeing tour of your home city you’ve been meaning to take? As long as a foreign holiday is off the cards, why not put a day in Stockholm in your diary? Solo, with a friend, your partner or the whole family. Spend one whole day seeing your city with fresh new eyes. You won't be disappointed! Stockholm is fantastic! Get inspired by our top tips for one day’s activities in Stockholm – for locals and tourists alike. At the end of this post, you’ll find a useful map showing you the exact location of all our tips!

Breakfast in the city

Is there a better way to start a day in the city than a luxurious breakfast? You usually have plenty of breakfast choices if you’re staying in a hotel, so by all means enjoy breakfast there. Otherwise, our top tip is breakfast at Nybrogatan 38. There’s a choice of chia puddings, yoghurts with a selection of toppings, oatmeal, fruit or berry bowls, croissants, sandwiches, juices, etc. If you choose a weekend, when Nybrogatan 38 doesn’t serve breakfast, book breakfast at a city hotel! A hotel breakfast also gives you that wonderful holiday feeling!

Address: Nybrogatan 38

Morning walk on Djurgården

Djurgården is almost in the city centre! Yet it offers you a fantastic nature experience. If you’re a real morning person and love a walk before breakfast, there’s a good chance you’ll witness Djurgården’s rich wildlife at dawn. You may see deer, foxes, hares and all kinds of birds.

Start your walk at the Djurgården Bridge. Then follow the south shore eastwards. There are lots of different paths, so pick a suitable route depending on how far you want to walk. There are plenty of signs so you won't get lost! Feel free to visit the Royal Djurgården website, which offers you excellent tips for walks.

Vasa Museum & National Museum – world-class museums

Many people in Sweden will have visited the Vasa Museum as schoolchildren. But if you haven't visited the Vasa Museum since the last major refurbishment in 2013, it’s high time you did. A visit to this “new” museum gives you a whole new level of experience – the Vasa Museum is truly a world-class museum. Another museum that’s been completely renovated in recent years is the National Museum of Fine Arts. Now the museum’s exhibition halls are almost as large and impressive as the art and culture on display there. So visiting either of these museums guarantees you a world-class experience!

Address:  Vasa Museum, Galärvarvsvägen 14 and National Museum, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2

Stockholm In Our Hearts – sightseeing by boat

Now it’s time to rest your legs and have lunch. Buy a packed lunch somewhere along your route to Klara Mälarstrand – the departure point for the new “Stockholm In Our Hearts” sightseeing tour by boat. The area around the Central Station and Klara Mälarstrand has plenty of places that sell wraps and sandwiches to go. The tour operates on a lovely open mahogany passenger boat from the 1950s. The on-board guide tells you about the sights we pass along our route, and about Stockholm past and present. Please note that the content of the guide commentary is adapted to suit people from Stockholm and from elsewhere in Sweden, and thus is only available in Swedish. So this is not a typical tourist/sightseeing tour. The tour passes both newly built and historical neighbourhoods, so hopefully you’ll see views you haven't seen before!

Address: Klara Mälarstrand, Berth 11

Please note - The tour is only guided in Swedish. 

Shop and stroll in SoFo

SoFo is a contraction of SOuth of FOlkungagatan – a relatively new name for this district. It claims to be Stockholm’s most trendy neighbourhood. In this laid-back hipster district, you’ll find vintage shops, tattoo studios, shoe shops and clothes shops, and none of the usual large chain stores – just one-of-a-kind, small and quaint boutiques, artisanal shops and interior design shops. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafés and bars. This district gives off a youthful, hip and welcoming vibe, with a good dash of international flair. It could easily be a district in Madrid, Paris or Berlin. So even if you’re a regular visitor to this neighbourhood, you’ll always find something new to look at and to shop from the unique range in the local shops. You can easily kill a couple of hours here!

Address: South of Folkungagatan

Enjoy a drink at a rooftop bar

In recent years, rooftop bars have been springing up everywhere in Stockholm. From having been a city with almost no rooftop bars, there are now several offering fantastic views and drinks above the city – Himlen, Takbar by Urban Deli, TAK, Stockholm Under Stjärnorna and Barrio are just some of these wonderful hangouts!

Address: Himlen – Götgatan 78, Takbar By Urban Deli – Sveavägen 44, TAK – Brunkebergstorg 4, Stockholm Under Stjärnorna – Brunkebergstorg 2–4, Barrio – Långholmsgatan 15B, 

Dinner cruise aboard the S/S Stockholm

Finish your evening with a magical evening cruise in the archipelago. At 7pm, the S/S Stockholm, a magnificent Art Deco passenger ship built in 1931, departs from Strandvägen for a three-hour cruise in the archipelago. The stylish interiors of the ship whisk you back in time the minute you come aboard. The food served is inspired by Swedish traditions, the archipelago and modern food trends; the service is friendly and the whole dining experience is enhanced by magical views of the archipelago. There’s no better way to round off a day in Stockholm!

Address: Strandvägen, Berth 16

Map with activities tip in Stockholm

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