; Here you’ll find Stockholm’s best water activities
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Here you’ll find Stockholm’s best water activities


Our tips on fun watersports and boat tours

Sunbathing and swimming are natural activities on a hot summer's day. But what do you do when you’re longing to experience sunshine and water, but you’re tired of lying on a towel and feel you want to be up and doing? Here are our tips for lots of wonderful water activities – everything from contemplative to high-speed and physically demanding experiences.
Remember to always stay sun safe! In a cool sea breeze, you may not always realise how strong the sun is – wear a cap, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Pedal boats in the Djurgård Canal

Rent a pedal boat from Sjöcaféet at Djurgårdsbron. Our top tip is to pedal up to Djurgårdsbrunnsviken – you’ll see many stylish wooden houses, several of Djurgården’s museums, a rich bird life, and best of all the stunning scenery in the Royal National City Park. It’s quite astounding to find such unspoiled nature in the middle of Stockholm!

Rent a kayak on Långholmen

Paddling a kayak can be contemplative nature activity or a high intensity workout. Choose whichever suits you best! You can rent easy-to-paddle kayaks from Långholmen Kajak on Södermalm. Before you set off, you’re given instructions on safety and paddle technique. In addition to a kayak and paddle, the rental price includes a lifejacket, spray skirt (splash protection) and map. You can also rent a waterproof bag for your water-sensitive belongings. Guided kayak tours are also available.

Guided tour on jetskis from Vaxholm Citadel

If you love speed, exhilaration and water, a jetski is the obvious choice! The most pleasant way to get to Vaxholm and Vaxholm Citadel is obviously by boat, but if you arrive by bus or car you can easily cross over to the Citadel on the chain ferry. The chain ferry runs regularly all day long during the summer months. Guided jetski tours through Vaxholm’s beautiful archipelago landscape start from the guest harbour. At Vaxholm Kastell, there’s also a café in a sunny position, opportunities to discover and shop art, handicrafts and gift items, and to visit the museum. A wonderful summer’s day!

SUP – stand up paddling in the archipelago

The latest trend in watersports is SUP, a kind of surfboard on which you stand and paddle. If that feels too wobbly and precarious, it’s fine if you kneel and paddle. Many people use SUP as exercise and swear it’s the best full-body workout you can get. Others take things easier, paddle slowly, and see it more as relaxation and meditation. On the lovely archipelago island of Grinda, it’s possible to rent an SUP. You can travel

Windsurfing on Dalarö

One of the best places in Stockholm for windsurfing is on Dalarö. There are sheltered bays here suitable for beginners, as well as wilder waters that even experienced windsurfers will find challenging. If you’re not already an experienced windsurfer with your own board, it may be a good idea to take a windsurfing course to learn the basics. Dalarö Surf Point arranges taster, introductory, beginner and advanced courses. To get to Dalarö, take the metro to Gullmarsplan and catch a bus from there to Dalarö, see the travel planner. The bus journey takes about 60 minutes.

A boat trip in the city and archipelago

If you’re longing for experiences on the water but prefer to take things easier, we recommend our boat tours in the archipelago and on Lake Mälaren. Stromma’s Staycation Ticket offers you 7 boat trips in 7 days for SEK 700 – quite possibly the most eventful and affordable week you could ever spend in Stockholm! Make the most of this opportunity – there’s no guarantee that we’ll be offering this maximised summer ticket in future summers!

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