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Things to do in Stockholm in January


Tips on activities to do in the city & in the archipelago

New year and new possibilities to experience fun activities in Stockholm. Here we have gathered our best tips for a crisp winter day in the city - two lunch tours on board a boat in the archipelago, two exciting exhibitions and two city walks (or jogging trails for those who prefers to exercise). To create a perfect full day, you can choose an activity from each category. The activities that remain can be the basis for another fun full day. Of course, you do not have to perform all the activities in one day, you can just as easily spread them out so that you have lots of fun winter days ahead of you. At the end of this post, you’ll find a map with our tips!

Eat brunch on an Art Deco vessel

Every Saturday and Sunday you can join a three-hour brunch cruise in the Stockholm archipelago on board the elegant S/S Stockholm. The ship's restaurants serve a rich brunch buffet inspired by modern buffets and the classic Swedish smorgasbord. The archipelago is both peaceful and magnificent in winter. The combination of beautiful views, the ship salons and the food make this brunch experience something out of the ordinary. Suitable for both Stockholmers and those of you who are visiting the city.

Tip - Pre-order you ticket to the Brunch Cruice online to guarantee a spot.

Guided Winter Tour & soup lunch

Did you eat a hearty breakfast and crave a light lunch? Then we recommend a warming soup on board the ship M/S Angantyr on the Stockholm Winter Tour. Listen as the guide on the ship tells stories about Stockholm and places that are passed during the journey. The tour goes along the city's quays and out towards Fjäderholmarna. On the outdoor deck you can enjoy the beautiful view and the soup on warming reindeer pelt - if you are a bit frozen there are blankets to borrow. It’s also possible to sit indoors!

Tip - Pre-order your ticket to the Stockholm Winter Tour to guarantee a spot.

VRAK – A new and exciting museum

Did you know that the Baltic Sea is the sea with the most well-preserved wrecks in the whole world? The reason for this is that shipworms, which usually feast on old wooden vessels and destroy them in a relatively short time, doesn’t thrive in the waters of the Baltic Sea. The water is both too cold and low in salt for them. Unlike the Vasa Museum where you get to see the wreck physically, at VRAK you get to discover yourself and "take a dive under the surface" and see the wrecks where they are today. There are many technical and new solutions that makes your visit a bit extra exciting and different compared to traditional museums with glass showcases filled with art and historical artifacts. Don’t miss the "history lesson" about the kings of Sweden - surprisingly exciting and a perfect dose of humour.

Tip - For a smooth entry to VRAK, you can pre-order your ticket online and scan the QR code upon arrival.

The world of the Vikings at the Historical Museum

At the Historical Museum you can visit the world's largest exhibition about Vikings. Here you’ll get to know the truth about the Vikings, which may not always agree with the myth of the horn-adorned, plundering, and violent Vikings that are spread all over the world. Here you can see as many as 2,500 (!) Original artifacts from the Viking Age. There are also "try-out stations" that involve all the senses, VR technology and interactive stations.

Tip - Prepare your visit to the Historical Museum by looking at all objects online in advance via your computer, tablet or mobile. Study your favourite objects in detail on site!

Take a walk around Kungsholmen

Hiking and walking have become increasingly popular - and Stockholm offers fantastic opportunities for this. Several of the city's districts are located on islands and walking along the city's quays and water lines means that you get to experience both the city pulse and nature at the same time! A hike around the district and the island of Kungsholmen is a trail of about 8.7 km. During the walk you pass several viewpoints as well as bathing places. Why not take the opportunity to take a dip in the water for a proper winter bath? Sites that you should take the opportunity to see are, for example, "Stockholm's Beverly Hills" - the districts of Fredhäll and Kristineberg, which were built in the 1930s. Take a special look at the unique terrace apartments from the 1930s on the "parade street" Snoilskygatan. During the walk you also pass the world-famous City Hall where, among other things, the Nobel party takes place!

Take a walk or a jog around Södermalm

One of Stockholm's trendiest districts is Södermalm. It mixes hip bars, cafes and restaurants, second-hand shops, beautiful architecture, and art galleries. The trail around Södermalm is about 10 km long! During your walk or jog around Södermalm, you should pay extra attention when you pass by beautiful Fjällgatan with its small wooden houses and breath-taking views of Stockholm's inlet and Tantolunden's and Eriksdalslunden's cosy and unique colony areas. Feel free to deviate from the water and take a walk to Nytorget, which is eastern Södermalm's main meeting place with cool cafés, restaurants, and shops. The Nytorget square also dates to the 17th century and old workers' housing from the 18th century is still preserved here.


Map with things to do in Stockholm – January 2022

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