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Top 5 winter activities in Stockholm


Things to do to stay active – on your own, with friends or family

Start the new year with some fun outdoor winter activities in and around Stockholm. Maybe you are on vacation and have some time spare? Why not try kayaking in the archipelago or maybe dare go for a quick winter dip in a lake or the sea? We have the best winter activities in Stockholm!

1. Winter swim at Kaananbadet

Do you dare to try the latest trend – winter swimming? More people than ever post pictures and videos of themselves on social media doing winter swimming. A new, fun activity to try on your own or with friends or family! Make it a challenge and try to take a dip every month all year around. Kaananbadet (located in Hässelby-Vällingby) is the perfect destination for anyone brave enough to face a winter swim, with or without a visit to the sauna beforehand. There is a sauna club called Isbjörnarna (the polar bears) that have a sauna right next to the swimming spot. Both members and non-members can book this sauna.  

2. Kayaking in the archipelago

Have you ever kayaked during the winter? If the conditions are right it can make for a magical experience – but make sure you have the right knowledge and equipment. What makes kayaking in the winter extra special is that there is an almost complete lack of boats – it’s wonderfully quiet when it’s just you and the sea. In the archipelago town of Vaxholm you can find Skärgårdens Kanotcenter (the Archipelago Kayaking Centre) where you can book a 3 hour kayaking trip. You will be accompanied by a guide that will show you where to kayak based on the conditions and your previous experience. They will also give you valuable advice to help you improve your skills. An unforgettable experience to say the least! 

3. Winter run around Riddarfjärden

You can find plenty of good running tracks in central Stockholm, even during the winter months.  The track along Riddarfjärden is a firm favourite with the locals. Should it get cold enough for the ice to settle you can even run across it! Just make sure you proceed with caution and make sure it’s thick enough to carry before you head out. Other popular winter running tracks in Stockholm include Djurgården, Hagaparken, Långholmen and Hellasgården. If there is a lot of snow and ice you can get special running shoes with spikes – it will make your run far easier on slippery tracks! 

4. Enjoy nature with an archipelago sightseeing tour

On a crisp winters day there is nothing cosier than stepping aboard classic archipelago ship M/S Östanå I, getting a classic Swedish “fika” from the cafeteria and leaning back to watch the beautiful scenery of the Stockholm archipelago pass by. The guide onboard will share fascinating stories and interesting facts about places, buildings and sights that you pass. 

5. Visit the outdoor rink in Vasaparken

Enjoy one of the classic winter activities – ice skating! In Vasaparken there is an outdoor rink that is free for everyone to enjoy. It’s open every day, but please be aware that hockey sticks are only allowed at certain times. There is also time reserved for daily maintenance. This is a fun family activity, but please bring your own skates as there is no rental service available.

Please note - Due to increased restrictions following the spread of Covid-19 the ice rinks is closed until January 24th at the earliest, please see website for more information.  

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