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Unique buildings in Stockholm – world class architecture


List and map of the most famous buildings

Are you interested in architecture? In Stockholm there are plenty of beautiful buildings to rest your eyes on. Here you can read about the most famous, “must-see” buildings and some that are less well known, but just as beautiful and interesting. In our top 8 list you can find buildings that have been voted the best (and worst) looking in the city. Read our top tips and see where to find them on the map at the bottom of the page.

Stockholm City Hall – the most famous building 

The City Hall is probably one of the most famous buildings in Stockholm and was designed by architect Ragnar Östberg. In 2023 it will celebrate it’s 100-year anniversary. Today around 300 people work in the building, and it also hosts events and representations. It also hosts the annual Nobel Price dinner on the 10th of December in the famous Blue Hall. At the top of the tower you can see three crowns, Sweden’s national symbol. Each crown has a diameter of 2,2 meters, which can be hard to understand when you see it from the ground.  

Address: Hantverkargatan 1 

The terminal buildings by Strömkajen

By Strömkajen you can find an excellent example of modern architecture that set off a beautiful contrast to the older buildings surrounding it, like the Grand Hotel and Bolinderska Palatset. The building was consecrated in 2013 and has won multiple awards. The newly built terminal buildings fulfil the needs of the shipping companies and offer a unique architectural experience at the same time – they feel more like sculptures than buildings. On the quay there is also a wide set of stairs where you can enjoy a rest and maybe take away coffee or bite to eat. Several exiting sightseeing tours depart from here – make sure to check them out when you’re there!

Address: Strömkajen

Stockholm Public Library Sveavägen

The Public Library was designed by famous architect Gunnar Asplund and was finished in 1928. The building became a style image for other libraries around the country. Here you can find over 410 000 books and almost 3000 people visit every day.  

Address: Sveavägen 73

Konserthuset by Hötorget

In 1926 the blue concert house was finished after being designed by architect Ivar Tengbom. At the same time the department store PUB (today Haymarket Hotel) located opposite was finished and the square Hötorget in between the two buildings got a new look. The square is today a bustling market and the concert hall host the Nobel Price ceremony for physics, chemistry, medicine and literature. The stairs leading up to the concert hall is a popular spot to enjoy a few rays on sunny days.

Address: Hötorget

The Nordic museum – the most beautiful building

The building was finished in 1907 and is located within the Royal National Park and was built to look like a Scandinavian Renaissance Castle. It has been voted the most beautiful building in Stockholm – and isn’t it just magnificent? Here Swedish history dating back to the 1500’s is preserved and kept alive – they have over 1,5 million historical items which makes it the largest cultural history museum in the country.

Address: Djurgårdsvägen 6-16

The old School of Architecture – the ugliest bulding in town

The Old School of Architecture is a concrete building built in 1969. The building has received both love and hate and in 2008 it won the dubious award of “Ugliest building” in Stockholm. However, many people argue that the building holds a historical value as it mirrors the social climate of the time it was built. Today the building also hosts a popular restaurant and trendy café and the School of Architecture has a new housing that’s been celebrated for its form. 

Address: Rådmansgatan 12

The New School of Architecture by The Royal Institute of Technology

The new building for the School of Architecture was finished in 2015 and was designed by the firm Tham & Videgård Architects. The curved facade is covered in large windows and red weathering steel. Unlike the old building, this one has been nominated for and won several prestigious design prices.

Address: Osquars backe 9

The Royal Dramatic Theatre by Nybroplan

By Nybroplan you can find the white marble building with ornate gold details dating back to 1908. If you walk past it by night the building is beautifully lit and the details appear even more spectacular. The Royal Dramatic Theatre is the national stage for theatre and here you can see some of Sweden’s most renowned actors perform on one of the five stages located in the theatre. Close to The Royal Dramatic Theatre you can find the bay of Nybroviken where you can take one of Stromma’s boats to discover the beautiful archipelago – choose between dining cruises, day trips and sightseeing tours!

Address: Nybroplan

Map of the most renowned buildings in Stockholm

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