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Valentine’s Day in Stockholm? Top 5 romantic tips of activities


Invite your love for a special suprise

Give some love on Valentine’s Day – it’s probably extra appreciated this year when a lot have been or are sick! Sometimes the smallest gesture can mean a lot so think about who means a lot to you and could do with some extra appreciation (and not just for Valentine’s Day). Here you can find inspiration of romantic things to do in Stockholm on February 14th – digital cards, guided lunch cruise, picnic and a romantic meal at a restaurant or at home. You can also read more about why we celebrate Valentine’s Day! The map at the end of this post shows you where all our tips are located in Stockholm.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the 14th of February around the world. It started as an American tradition and didn’t arrive in Sweden until the 1900’s. Celebration of the saint Valentinius originates from the Catholic church and the connection to love and romance stems from medieval times when societies in England, Scotland and Northern France paired up the local teenagers in couples ahead of the spring and summer festivities and dances. That led to the young people thinking about who they would be coupled up with for the coming year, who would be their “Valentine”. The oldest Valentine’s greeting recorded was sent in 1477 by the young Margery Brew to her fiancé John Paston. 

Lunch cruise - The archipelago tour

A lunch prepared with care + archipelago + guided tour + someone you love = best romantic combination! Treat yourself and your loved one to a pleasant lunch cruise aboard the classic archipelago ship M/S Östanå I. The archipelago tour with lunch departs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays – so take the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day in advance. During the tour, the guide on board tells stories about all the interesting places and buildings that are passed on the way to Vaxholm, where the boat docks, and then returns to Stockholm.

Tip – Pre-order your tickets to guarantee your spot on board the popular Archipelago Tour.

Surprise with an outdoor picnic

Pack a picnic basket with your favourites and spend Valentine’s Day outside with your loved ones. There are plenty of different things you can pack – hot dogs, luxurious sandwiches, hot chocolate and maybe some home baked buns? Often it’s the personal touch that is most appreciated. During the pandemic this is also a safer way to spend time with your loved ones.

Romance at Waxholm Hotel

Celebrate love at the Waxholm Hotel in the capitol of the archipelago – Vaxholm. Treat yourself and someone you hold dearly to an overnight stay or book a table for a date in the hotel's spectacular dining room. Enjoy romance and a fabulous three course dinner together. There is something special about sitting in the dining room at the hotel and looking out over Vaxholm's bay with someone you love - it's extra atmospheric in the evening when Kastellet is beautifully lit. If you prefer to enjoy the good food at home, there are luxurious options for dinner pick-up.

Weekend tip – Take the boat to Vaxholm - travel with classic archipelago ship M/S Östanå I from Starndvägen in central Stockholm all the way out to Vaxholm. Relax and enjoy the beautiful archipelago views. There is a cafeteria serving drinks and snacks – why not start the weekend with a glass of bubbly onboard? The tour is live-guided and departs from Stockholm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Luxuriously prepared dinners from Stockholm's food market

Order a dinner menu and enjoy elegant restaurant food, but in the peace and quiet of your own home. Stockholm's food market offers several different dishes - something for all tastes. Here you will find everything from vegetarian dishes to meat and fish both for everyday life but also for more luxurious meals. You can easily compose a high-quality three-course dinner with the help of this simple service. How about tasty seafood, a classic Veal à la Wallenberg, or maybe butter-fried zander?

Send a love letter

Why not surprise someone you care about with a message? The online service “Riktiga vykort” gives you the chance to create your own digital postcard, and you can easily upload your own pictures from your mobile phone and tailor a message. The greeting is then printed and delivered directly to the recipients mailbox.

Map – tips of romantic things to do in Stockholm

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