Top 5 Things to Do in Copenhagen in February


What to Do in Copenhagen in February?

Are you visiting Copenhagen in February? We are here to guide you, and below you’ll find our top 5 things to do in Copenhagen this February to make the most of your visit. Be prepared for wellness, history, delicious food, and light in the winter darkness. Got your attention? Read along and pack your bags. See you soon!

#1 - Winter Wellness: Recharge with a Spa Visit

Start your Copenhagen day with a spa visit, especially comforting in February’s chill. The city’s spas offer a warm sanctuary, making it an ideal way to start a winter day. Doesn’t this sound absolutely amazing? Then we recommend you book your treatment right away!

Maybe pay a visit to Spectrum Wellness, located at Scandic Spectrum, as they offer a wide range of spa treatments. Get a relaxing massage; feel the everyday stress vanish from your body as your batteries recharge. Enjoy a Rasul treatment, take a swim, and soak up some extra heat in the sauna. Soothing for both body, mind, and soul.

Recharge at Spectrum Wellness at Kalvebod Brygge 10, 1560 Copenhagen V

Stromma's Classic Copenhagen bus route takes you right to the door, just hop off at stop 14 - Kalvebod Waves/Marriott Hotel.


#2 - Discover Copenhagen’s Rich History: National Museum Highlights

After your pampering, it’s time to explore the wonderful city of Copenhagen, and why not start at the very beginning by traveling back in time? At the National Museum of Denmark, you’ll find numerous fascinating exhibitions and relics from times past. The infamous Vikings are, of course, displayed, as this is probably the first thing you think about when going to Scandinavia, as they are a very big part of our history.

We do, however, suggest that you also dive into Copenhagen and Denmark’s lesser-known and very dark past by exploring the gripping exhibition “Voices from the Colonies.” Lose yourself in the heartbreaking stories from some of the survivors from when Denmark was a slave-trading nation.

Dive into the past at the National Museum at Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 Copenhagen K
Jump off at stop 10 - Gammel Torv, on Stromma's Classic Copenhagen bus tour, and you're just a short walk away.


#3 - Taste of Tradition: Fastelavnsbolle in Copenhagen

After learning more about the fascinating history and culture of Denmark, it’s time to indulge in the traditional – and extremely hyped – Fastelavnsbolle! For Danes, it's not truly February without enjoying a few of these! The Fastelavnsbolle has deep roots in Danish tradition, dating back to the pre-Lenten period. These tasty pastries typically consist of a soft bun filled with luscious cream and are often adorned with sweet icing.

You can get your Fastelavnsbolle at most bakeries and a lot of cafés in Copenhagen, but if you want to taste some of the most talked-about goodies, we recommend you stop by La Glace, one of the city’s most popular and renowned bakeries.

Swing by La Glace at Skoubogade 3, 1158 Copenhagen
Take Stromma's Classic Copenhagen bus route to stop 10 - Gammel Torv, and you'll be just a couple of minutes from the delicious treat.

#4 - Copenhagen February Highlight: Illuminating Light Festival

As evening falls, the Copenhagen Light Festival brings February’s long nights to life. The festival is unique to the winter season, offering a magical experience as the city lights up. Every light installation tells a story, so not only do they look amazing, but they also give food for thought.

For the best views of both the artwork along Copenhagen’s narrow canals and the illuminated city, consider joining our special Copenhagen Light Festival Canal Tours. All tours are live guided tours, and you will gain knowledge about each light installation as well as the artists’ inspiration and thoughts behind their piece.

Join the Canal Tour from Ved Stranden 23, 1061 Copenhagen

Echo by Christoffer Askman, CLF 2023.jpg

#5 - Culinary Delights: Copenhagen Dining Week Experience

After your light festival adventure, why not have dinner at one of Copenhagen’s many outstanding restaurants? If you’re in Copenhagen between February 10th to 19th, you’re in luck!! This week marks the popular Copenhagen Dining Week, where you can enjoy 3- and 5-course dinners at some of the city’s finest restaurants at exceptionally attractive prices! A large variety of restaurants participate in this event, and you can find both sushi, steak, and vegetarian options.

If you’re a meat lover and want to combine your dinner with a visit to the trendy, vibrating Kødbyen (Meatpacking District), we suggest you book a table at Fleisch. Great food, friendly service, and a location in the heart of Kødbyen, this is the perfect place to visit. Afterwards, you can enjoy a fancy cocktail at one of the bars in the area and meet some of the local Copenhageners.

Enjoy dinner at Fleisch at Slagterboderne 7, 1716 Copenhagen V

Map of Things to Do in Copenhagen This February

So, there you have it - a perfect guide to our top 5 things to do in Copenhagen in February! From wellness and self-care to delicious food and a light festival out of the ordinary, Copenhagen bursts with activities even in February. Below you'll find a map with our top 5 pick of things to do, to make it easy for you to plan your day.

We hope we have inspired you with ideas for what to do in Copenhagen in February, so you can leave refreshed, recharged, and full of new knowledge about Denmark.

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!

PS: Copenhagen is chilly in February, so make sure to dress in layers and bring rain clothes, hat and gloves, so you're ready to explore the city no matter the temperature.

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