Stromma Finland is part of the Stromma Group which is active in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki, Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Ålesund, Geiranger and Berlin.

Sightseeing tours by bus and boat, guide services as well as charter transports on land and water form a key focal area for our operations. We serve both individual customers and groups. Stromma Finland produces Helsinkithisweek.com city guide and Helsinki Card.

The needs of the guests in focus

Every single guest is equally important for Stromma and our motto is that the last guest of the day should be treated with the same friendliness as the day's first.

Business concept
To produce and deliver customer experiences, activities and entertainment within tours and activities and meetings within Northern Europe.

Create memories for life by developing the most creative, surprising and personalized tours and activities by using our portfolio of brands and assets to differentiate our content, services and products.

Northern Europe´s leading sustainable producer and provider of tours and activities.

All of the individual experiences in the programme range should come top of their class in a comparison with similar experiences. Everything that happens in the moment of truth must be top class.

History benchmarks


Helsinki Travel Association was founded.


Family company Sun Lines started taxi boating, and operated with sightseeing cruises since the 1960s.

Helsinki Travel Association started to publish Helsinki This Week city guide.


Helsinki Travel Association formed a limited company Helsinki Expert Oy.


Helsinki Expert got a new owner when Helsinki Travel Association established the Helsinki Travel Foundation.


Sun Lines Oy sold its subsidiary Charter Sun Lines to Swedish company Strömma Turism & Sjöfart Ab, name was changed to Oy Strömma Helsinki Ab.


Helsinki Expert Oy became part of the Stromma Group.

Stromma Finland Oy Ab was established in December following the merger of Oy Strömma Helsinki Ab and Helsinki Expert Oy.

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