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What are the payment methods?

At our sales points and on our buses, we accept cash (euros), Finnish debit cards and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard). Online payments can be done with VISA, MasterCard and by PayEx (multi merchant solution for direct bank payments). Supported banks in PayEx are Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, OP, POP Pankki, S-Pankki, Säästöpankki, Ålandsbanken.

Can I make a reservation for the regular sightseeing tours?

Only a reservation without the payment through email or by phone is not possible. Tickets for all the sightseeing tours can be bought on our online shop or from Stromma sales point. For the groups the booking is possible, please contact our sales department / +358 9 2288 1600.


What duration is suitable for a cruise?

The cruise schedule should not be too tight. Time can pass by without its passage even being realised when one is at sea. Dining easily takes a couple of hours and it is also a good idea to leave some time for other activities, such as allowing passengers the time to admire the scenery, for instance. It is more enjoyable to cruise along peacefully than proceed in a rush.

We recommend that cruises be between three and four hours long. In cases where any additional events are applicable, you might want to have an additional hour. The cruise time can also be exceeded in cases where the ship has no reservations following the cruise in question. This can be arranged with the captain.

How is catering organised?

Dining is an essential part of a successful event. With Strömma Finland, meals will always be ordered beforehand for the whole group. On a one day cruise, lunch would be an appropriate mean, with something such as salmon soup with archipelago bread being served. Would it be nice to start with breakfast sandwiches? It is a good idea to have the food available at predetermined intervals because the sea air can quickly build up an appetite!

Seated dinner or buffet?

You might want to work out in advance if you want to have any specific seating arrangements. For evening cruises, a buffet table or conventional table servicing can be chosen. A buffet is a convenient choice for larger groups, so that everyone is able to select from amongst the available delicacies according to their own taste. Will there be any foreign guests attending? You can offer them taste sensations by choosing something along the lines of a fish-emphasised buffet, for instance.

How to choose a wine?

If you find the process of determining the wine to be selected for a meal to be complicated, please check our wine recommendations at the menu. Coffee and delicious desserts end the meals for both day and evening cruises. With favourable weather, coffee can be enjoyed on the open deck.

Can I come to see the ship beforehand?

You can come to familiarise yourself with the ship before you make a binding order. Basic information and pictures on ships are also easily found on our web site.

Where does the cruise start from?

The Market Square is always a reliable choice, but if your own office is located near the seashore, it might be convenient to make that the point of departure if it is at all possible. We have several deparure piers at the Market Square.

What should I take with me onto the sea?

It all depends on your cruise choice. Indoors is warmer and usually the dress code for any land-based restaurant is suitable. You might want to determine a fixed dress code on the invitation that you send out if this is required by your event. In cases where the programme also takes you to somewhere different, such as an island, comfortable footwear and warm clothing is worth taking with you.

Is there proper heating on board the ships?

All archipelago ships have air conditioning and heating.

What kind of programme should we come up with?

A welcome drink certainly creates a good atmosphere at the official start of the cruise where everyone is welcomed on board and familiarised with the programme. In travelling by the sea you will reach places you normally can’t go to, such as several Helsinki islands for instance. Going ashore is a nice programme event to which a professional tour guide or nature trail can also be added. Recreational activities can be arranged. On some islands, such as Kaunissaari and Stora Herrö, there is the option of adding a sauna to the list of events. Remember to inform your guests to bring the right equipment!

You can also take the ship further. The new way to travel to Porvoo is definitely an experience. The Helsinki archipelago is already an experience in itself, especially for foreign guests. You can get more out of the scenery with the help of a professional guide. A guided tour can also be included in the programme.

Music always makes the mood - especially live music. Through us you can have an accordionist or even a troubadour on board. It is always best to announce the name of the host or hostess of the event to the cruise organiser beforehand.

How is passenger security taken care of?

Our modern ships are compliant with the Maritime Administration requirements and take you safely away from your everyday routines into the calm atmosphere of the archipelago.

The Strömma Finland crew consists of the best professionals in their the field. Their know-how is constantly developed by organising regular first aid training sessions, plus fire and rescue training courses. The security of the ships is also monitored by means of internal and external audits. The safety of our passengers is our number one priority!

How large can the group be?

We recommend that you first check the number of available dining seats on our ships. This is a good way of ensuring that all guests can be comfortably accommodated indoors. For shorter trips and drinks cruises the guest numbers can be larger.

How are the special menus considered?

All meals are served according to standard menu options, but we can deliver special hot meals for vegetarians, fish-intolerant persons, etc, and this will incur only a small extra fee. Please, inform us on the special dietary needs at least 7 days beforehand.

Where are the ships during winter?

The ships are taken into dock at the beginning of October.

Who can I turn to if I have left something aboard?

The Strömma Finland's office, tel: +358 9 2288 1222.

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