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Privacy protection

Strömma Finland's customer data handling and registering observes the practices prescribed in the Personal Data Act. Data is stored in our booking system and only information related to a journey will be handed over to our cooperation partners (shipping companies, hotels, coach operators, guides) when necessary and as provided for contractually. Personal information is used to inform the customer about special offers and matters related to the journey via e-mail, telephone, text message and mail. A booking confirmation will be sent to the mail or e-mail address submitted by the person who made the booking. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without the customer's consent, apart from the abovementioned circumstances or unless the law requires otherwise.

Customer data is stored in the customer register, which is utilised for the purposes of marketing and marketing research by Strömma Finland and its parent company Strömma Turism & Sjöfart.

By registering for Strömma Finland's newsletter, the subscriber acknowledges that news, special offers and other commercial bulletins will be sent via e-mail, telephone, text message and mail. The customer can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by informing Strömma Finland of the desire to do so.


Strömma Finland uses cookies to collect information about the terminal devices used by visitors to the Stromma, Helsinkiexpert, Helsinkithisweek, Helsinkicard and Destinationhelsinki websites. The primary purpose of cookie use is to improve and accommodate the visitor's use experience on these sites as well as to perform analysis and further develop the sites.

Information collected with the aid of cookies is anonymous by nature. Taking into consideration the requirements of privacy protection legislation, it is, however, possible to connect data collected with cookies and other techniques to personal information possibly gathered from the user in some other context. Information collected with the aid of cookies is also utilised to target communications and marketing as well as to optimise marketing measures. Cookies can help collect information on how and when a site is used, identifying, for example, the website from which a visitor transferred to our site, what webpages the visitor has browsed and when, what the visitor viewed and clicked on our site, what browser the visitor uses and other information concerning the terminal device of the visitor. Users can block the use of cookies by changing their browser settings. Blocking cookies may affect the functionality of the website or its components. Cookies or the other techniques we employ will not damage the user's terminal device or files.

Data protection and customer register

Maintainer of the customer register: Strömma Finland Oy Ab, Unioninkatu 18, 00130 Helsinki, tel. +358 9 2288 1200.

Register name: Strömma Finland customer register.

Purpose of personal data processing: provide users with improved service, targeted marketing messages and prevent the possible misuse of bookings. Data may also be used to accommodate the user experience on the abovementioned sites Information content of register: personal and address information, purchase history, campaign information.

Register protection principles: cooperation partner firewalls.

Manual material: none.

Materials recorded in databases: information is collected onto servers owned by Cygate that Group employees contact and administer directly from inside the company firewall. In other words, the information transfer between the company and the customer is the only transfer to occur.

Data protection

By booking a journey from Strömma Finland, the customer confirms approval for Strömma Finland's method of handling personal data. Should the customer wish to inspect, revise or remove data from the register, a written notification must be submitted to Strömma Finland Oy Ab, Unioninkatu 18, 00130 Helsinki.

Newsletter and special offers

Subscribing to the newsletter will provide the recipient with access to news about Strömma Finland's products, special offers and other useful travel-related information. We will keep you up to date primarily via e-mail and text message once you agree to the sending of newsletters, special offers and other information. You can unsubscribe to this service at any time. Read more in the sections Privacy protection and Data protection and customer register.


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