The best thing to do in Helsinki this summer: Pizza Cruise


A cruise along the best shorelines of the city

What to do in Helsinki this summer? Here's a tip: go on a pizza cruise. Two hours at sea, enjoying the scenery and eating pizza. Stromma's cruise is an absolute hit this summer! What could be better than a pizza straight from the oven with delicious fillings? Well, of course, pizza enjoyed onboard a boat on a summer evening, cruising the Helsinki seashores.

A summer evening with sea views and pizza

Stromma’s Pizza Cruise is the best thing to do in Helsinki this summer. The cruise combines a dinner, sea views and a summer evening perfectly. So, get together with your friends or have a great time with the whole family. Read more about the Pizza Cruise here >> Or just continue reading and we will tell you all you need to know – the route, boat, pizzas and even more!

Helsinki Pizza Cruise by Stromma boats

The route runs along the most beautiful shores of the city centre

The cruise route is simply excellent and perfect for summer evenings. Once the anchors have been raised, we first head towards Kaivopuisto. The boat glides past Klippan Island towards Kaivopuisto. You can see the Kaivopuisto Park's café-restaurants Mattolaituri, Café Ursula and Cafe Carusel full of people during the beautiful summer evenings. The boat glides slowly through the narrows, offering us time to see all those terraces, boats and jet skis around Merisatamanranta.

Helsinki aerial view

Experience the Eastern archipelago

From Kaivopuisto Park, we head towards the open sea and Katajanokanluoto islet, where we pick up the pizzas. From the islet, the boat leaves for Kruununvuorenranta, one of Helsinki's new, fast-growing residential areas. You can spot the big white Oil tank 468 and the lovely Palma de Pyy summer restaurant from the shore.

The scenery changes as we head to the shores and narrows of Kulosaari island. The speed slows down, so you can really see all those magnificent houses and mansions up close. At one point, the boat glides under a very low bridge, so the ship's mate gets on the deck to check that the boat passes under the bridge safely.

Then we see the Kalasatama district with its skyscrapers in front of us and on the left the summer paradise Mustikkamaa island and Korkeasaari Zoo. The island cliffs are full of people enjoying the evening sun in beautiful weather, and picnic quilts have been spread in every nook and cranny of the cliffs.

Kalasatama and Mustikkamaa in Helsinki

See the traditional seaside sights

The last part of the route runs along Pohjoisranta and the Kanavaranta shores, next to the magnificent domes of the Uspenski Cathedral. There are often one or two magnificent schooners docked on the Halkolaituri pier, with masts rising to the heights. You will also get a good close-up of the impressive fleet of icebreakers. The route takes us around the Katajanokka cape, and in precisely two hours, the boat is back on the Market Square pier.

M/S Sofia at Kanavaranta Helsinki

Did you know this?

Today, Kalasatama and Mustikkamaa are connected by a mighty bridge, Isoisänsilta. The name means grandfather's bridge, and it is named after the fisherman Viktor Wilhelm Wickmar who lived there once upon a time.

Isoisänsilta bridge in Helsinki

Hot pizzas from Katajanokanluoto islet

Meanwhile, while we enjoy the best sceneries of the southern shores of Helsinki, the pizzas are made in the Katajanokanluoto islet in Café Kobben's Italian stone oven. The islet opened to the public in summer 2020, and Cafe Kobben operates in its small red cabin, originally a pilot's house on the island, completed in 1876. In addition to the cabin, the café has a wonderful terrace on this tiny island.

Katajanokka islet in Helsinki

Delicious recipes by the top chef

But now back to the pizzas! The menu and recipes are from chef Arto Rastas. The pizzas are baked in a hot stone oven, and it guarantees a crunchy base. There is a tomato-strawberry sauce on top, and you can choose the rest of the fillings. The following delicious pizzas are available: Margarita Blue, Smoky Ham, Spicy Salami, vegan-friendly Groovy Vege and Vegetable option.

Enjoy your meal!

The boat stops at the islet only for a moment and the steaming hot pizza boxes are loaded into the boat from the pier. The pizza is cut into nicely sized pieces, so eating without cutlery is easy. You can enjoy your food either on the deck or indoors at the table. We recommend ordering a nice cold drink from the ship's bar to go with your hot pizza.

Pizza and beer at Stromma cruise in Helsinki

Taste this!

If you like spicy flavours, we recommend Spicy Salami. It's quite hot! In addition to the spicy salami, Sriracha sauce brings extra flavour to the pizza.

Spicy Salami at Pizza Cruise Helsinki

Place your order while booking your cruise

In summer 2022 the Pizza Cruise runs until 24 September. If you are visiting in early summer, you may want to book another one in late summer. August evenings are perfect for a cruise. The cruises depart at 6 pm on Wednesday,  Friday and Saturday evenings and during the high season also on Thursdya evenings. For adults, the cruise costs EUR 38 (incl. pizza), children 6-15 years EUR 26,50 (incl. pizza) and children 0-5 years EUR 0 (+ pizza EUR 15, if needed). The cruise can be booked on Stromma's website. Place your pizza order while booking your cruise.

You can find the menu here >>

Modern archipelago boats

The boat on the cruise is either Stromma’s M/S Diana or M/S Sofia. Both boats has a lovely sun deck and comfortable interior spaces. There is also a toilet on board. You can buy refreshments and small snacks from the ship's bar all the way. Juice, soda, beers, cider, wine and sparkling wine are available. The selection also includes savoury and sweet delicacies, including ice cream.

You can check a more detailed selection here >>

Pizza Cruise Helsinki sparkling on board

A five-euro tip!

With the Helsinki Card, you get a five euros discount on the cruise. With the Helsinki Card, you also get other value-for-money benefits: discounts at restaurants and free admission to attractions, free sightseeing tours and free use of public transport.

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