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Stromma's Vacant Positions in Stockholm & Gothenburg

Work with Tourism, Sightseeing, and Experiences


Welcome to us at Strömma Turism och Sjöfart AB - a workplace where your professional life can take new, exciting directions!

We are proud to offer fun and interesting jobs together with committed colleagues. Right now, we are looking for new talents who are driven, happy, and outgoing and want to be part of our team in Stockholm or Gothenburg. Take the step towards a rewarding future - together we create "Memories for life".
Here you can see and read more about all of Stromma's vacancies in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Did You Know This About Stromma - Fun Facts

  • We speak around 55 different languages
  • The oldest person who works with us is 77 years old, and the youngest is 15 years old - we are many people's first and last workplace
  • One of the few workplaces where you can work together with a Viking
  • Stromma is over 200 years old
  • We have both buses and boats that are fully electric
  • Several talented seasonal workers move on to other permanent employment within the company
  • Stromma is available in six countries, and many have worked a season in several different destinations

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Stromma's Jobs - Here is the List of Different Positions

Strömma Turism och Sjöfart is a large company with a great need for different functions and can therefore offer many jobs with different types of tasks and forms of employment. Here is a list of examples of jobs available with us:

  • Guide
  • Ticket seller
  • Activity guide
  • Captain
  • Deckhands/sailors
  • Bus driver
  • Service staff
  • Chef
  • Cruise host
  • Finance assistant
  • Team leader
  • Office staff
  • Event salesperson/booking staff

The wide variety of jobs enables the chance to make a career and further education at Stromma. Do you want to become one of us? Here you can apply and read more about all of Stromma's vacancies in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Stromma's job vacancies at Marinkraft

We collaborate with Marinkraft in the recruitment for certain positions. Currently, the following jobs are available for application - click on each link to read more and apply.

Are You Looking for a Job in the Rest of Europe?

Stromma operates in 17 destinations around Europe. Are you interested in working abroad? Read more under each country's recruitment page to see which vacant positions are available to apply for.

Vacancies in Denmark & Malmö | Vacancies in Finland | Vacancies in the Netherlands | Vacancies in Norway | Vacancies in Germany

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