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Dream vacation in Sweden - a cruise on the Göta Canal


From Sjötorp by the shore of lake Vänern to Mem at the bay of Slätbaken, the Göta Canal snakes its way through Sweden with a total length of 160 kilometers. Coupled with its more than 60 historical locks and hand-dug side channels, the canal ranks among Sweden’s greatest and most ambitious construction projects of all time. It took more than 58,000 soldiers 22 years to complete the canal before it was finally opened on September 26, 1832. Today, the shipping company Rederi AB Göta Kanal offers canal cruises running between 2 and 6 days that treat guests to spectacular views, delicious on-board meals, and guided tours to select destination on land.

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Classic Canal Cruise – a four-day cruise between Stockholm and Gothenburg

This is the classic cruise option on the Göta Canal that has been available since the very start of the shipping company in 1869 – a four-day trip aboard the venerable M/S Juno from 1874, which makes it the world’s oldest registered ship with overnight accommodations. This cruise goes between Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden’s two largest city, and you may of course choose which direction you prefer: from Stockholm to Gothenburg or the other way around instead. This option includes accommodation and full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner served on the ship. You’ll also make various stops along the way to explore historically and culturally significant sights with a guided tour. Read more about the Classic Canal Cruise here.

Mini Canal Cruise – a two-day trip between Motala and Söderköping

The Mini Canal Cruise is a two-day cruise that focuses on the canal’s eastern section and travels through the famously beautiful region Östergötland. Aboard the historical M/S Wilhelm Tham, built in 1912 and named after one of Sweden’s most famous businessmen, you travel between Motala at lake Vättern to the small town Söderköping. The choice of direction is entirely up to you again. The Mini Canal Cruise includes accommodation as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner on board, making it the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a relaxing mini vacation out of the ordinary. Read more about the Mini Cruise here.

And did you know that both the M/S Juno, travelling on the Classic Canal Cruise, and the M/S Wilhelm Tham were specifically built to be able to travel through the canal’s small lock systems? Both boats have also been recognized as possessing particular cultural and historical value.

Highlights Cruise – between Mariestad and Norsholm in three days

The Highlights Cruise takes you on a three-day journey between Mariestad on lake Vänern to Norsholm in Östergötland and along the most beautiful stretches of the Göta Canal. This cruise includes accommodation and full board as well as various guided excursions along the way. At night, the ship will be lay anchored to make sure that you enjoy the cruise’s unforgettable sights in broad daylight, making it the perfect option for you if you want to see the highlights of the Göta Canal in a relaxing fashion. Read more about the Highlights Cruise here.

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