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5 Classic New Year’s resolutions that work during Corona


Resolutions that you can still keep up during the pandemic

2021 is not far away and hopefully it’s going to be the year to when everything turn around and we can be a bit more optimistic about the future. The last year put many things that we usually do on hold – and what better time than a new year for a fresh start! Do you usually give New Year’s resolutions? And more to the point, do you keep them? Some New Year’s resolutions are reoccurring – exercising, eating well and doing more for the environment. We have made a list of 5 classic New Year’s resolutions that you can still keep up during the pandemic.

Resolution 1 – Exercising

It can be hard enough to find motivation to exercise – let alone in the middle of a pandemic. Whilst it’s not recommended to visit gyms, go swimming or participate in group exercise there are still some ways to exercise safely. Good for both body and mind!

Outdoor gyms  
Look up outdoor gyms in your area! They are often located near public exercise tracks – perfect for warming up! Friskis & Svettis have some great tips for exercises that are suitable for an outdoor gym.

Daily step count  
Many smart phones have inbuilt apps where you can easily find out how many steps you take every day. Find out what your average daily step count is and set an achievable target based on that – it can be as easy as adding an extra 1000 steps a day. The most important thing is that you base your goal on your individual circumstances and set a target that is achievable for you.

Everyday exercise  
Everyday exercise is not to be underestimated! When so many of us are working from home during the pandemic it’s easy to lose the exercise that we usually get by walking to the bus or cycling t work. Try finding new ways to get some exercise in your day to day life – take the stairs instead of the lit or a longer way to the shop? If you have digital meetings you can maybe take a walk at the same time? 

Resolution 2 – Eating well

What does eating well mean to you? Is it eating at regular times or cooking as much as you can from scratch? Ask yourself what is important to you, it makes it easier to achieve!

Weekly meal planning & learning to cook
Planning your meals every week is a great way of creating an easy overlook of what to eat every day. It makes it easier to stick to a varied diet and you can look up recipes in advance. Finding new recipes to try will probably also make it more enjoyable to cook. If you are looking to step up your skills in the kitchen Köket.se has various online cooking courses that you can attend.

Order take-away
Ordering take away is a perfect way of supporting your favourite local restaurants during the pandemic, and many restaurants are specialising in well-made, nutritious food.

Resolution 3 – less screen time

It’s not only children and young people that would benefit from less screen time, most adults could probably do with less time on our phones, tablets and laptops.

Dedicate a Screen-free time & place
Create a time and a place for yourself where you don’t use your mobile phone unless it rings. Dedicate some time every evening that is completely screen-free and put your phone away and on silent mode so that you don’t get distracted by notifications. Decide a place in your home that is a mobile-free zone, like the bedroom. 

Replace the screen 
Distract yourself by finding other things to do. Read a book or find a good podcast or audiobook. Go for a walk and leave the screen at home. If you are occupied you won’t miss it. 

Resolution 4 – Do more for the environment

Have you dedicated some of the time spent at home during the pandemic to clearing, sorting and selling or donating things that you don’t use or need? Maybe you now have a spare shelf in the garage or storage room where you can create a recycling station. Recycling is more important than ever, and we can all do our part to help the planet and the environment. Many municipalities focus on creating more recycling station to make it easier for us all to participate. If you are currently only recycling say newspapers and plastic bottles, try adding one or two new items like metal and cardboard?

Resolution 5 – Enjoy nature

Sweden’s nature is amazing and spending more time in it is good for both the body and soul. During Corona we have come to appreciate it much more as it’s also a safer way to spend time with friends and loved ones. One of our best tips is finding a hiking trail close to where you live and make a packed lunch and invite a friend. Why not bring a book about flora and fauna and learn more about what you see. Make sure you are dressed according to the weather and try getting out even if it’s wet or cold – being outside for a short while is better than not being outside at all! A bot trip through the archipelago is a special way of experiencing nature. Try our Archipelago Tour with Guide – it’s extra magical if we are lucky enough to have some snow.

Like with all other resolutions it takes a bit of planning – try dedicating a day per week or a couple per month to spend in nature.  

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