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Archipelago-themed cuisine and cruises in Stockholm


Enjoy delicious food on a KRAV-labelled floating restaurant

For this season's menus, our ship restaurateurs have taken inspiration from the archipelago and summer. The culinary experience is accompanied by beautiful views to create a lasting memory of summer.  So enjoy a brunch, lunch or dinner cruise through the archipelago or on Lake Mälaren. All of Stromma's ship restaurants are KRAV-labelled and all the food is prepared on board by our own chefs. Read more and be inspired!

Culinary cruises on S/S Stockholm

On the magnificent art deco ship S/S Stockholm, restaurateurs Daniel Tingström, Jacob Bergström and Hjalmar Litzén ensure that the food and service are always top notch! Take a cruise – you won't be disappointed! On Saturdays and Sundays, they serve a delicious brunch buffet featuring a wide array of dishes... and a little more besides. (Of course, the buffet has been adapted to authority recommendations regarding COVID-19.) On the buffet table, you'll find nutritious seasonal salads, beets and feta cheese, a variety of salmon and herring, egg halves with archipelago cream, sweet pie with seasonal ingredients, and not least the children's favourite, layered pancake torte! Come and enjoy the food!
If you'd prefer an à la carte lunch or dinner on board S/S Stockholm, the restaurateur trio has created an enticing menu for food connoisseurs. The evening menu consists of classic lerpottesill (herring dish), creamed shrimp on sourdough bread, cod with Norwegian butter sauce and spinach, KRAV-labelled Swedish entrecôte with béarnaise sauce, pickled salmon with new potatoes, cheesecake with rhubarb, granola and sorbet, and freshly baked sponge cake with blackberries, lavender and pear. To name a few! There are more delicacies on the menu.
The cruises aboard S/S Stockholm start at Strandvägen and make their way through the inner archipelago to Vaxholm and back. A trip with beautiful views and exciting culinary experiences!

Lunch cruise to Drottningholm this autumn

On board the M/S Prins Carl Philip, acclaimed restaurateur KC Wallberg is behind the dishes. Quality is of essence for Wallberg, who chooses only the best and most tasty organic ingredients. All dishes are prepared with love and care using artisanal cooking techniques. And it shows in the flavoursome dishes served!  Although the restaurant on board the M/S Prins Carl Philip is closed this summer, when autumn arrives, you'll be able to enjoy an array of dishes such as a crispy, rye-battered herring with mustard and dill filling and mashed potato, shrimp toast with crispy black cabbage, beets with Jerusalem artichoke cream sauce, and ice-cream cake with blueberry sauce, white chocolate and crushed biscuit. Sounds tempting?

Archipelago lunch and dinner cruises to Möja

Restaurateur trio Daniel Tingström, Jacob Bergström and Hjalmar Litzén offer summer dishes on board the Cinderella boats, available on a lunch trip or a dinner cruise. In the restaurant on the upper deck, you can enjoy fantastic dishes and brilliant service. When we sail from Stockholm City through the inner archipelago and towards the outer archipelago, the views are nothing short of magical! Treat yourself to an aperitif on the sun deck. Then make yourself comfortable in the airy restaurant and select a dish from the month-watering menu. Among the main courses, you'll find hot-smoked salmon with herb mayo, minced beef with broccoli, prawn sandwich deluxe and KRAV-labelled entrecôte prepared according to your wishes. Complete the meal with our favourite blueberry pie topped with custard and almonds! That's what we call delicious!

Mini Archipelago Tour with Lunch

On board the M/S Östanå I, restaurateur Andreas Clemmedsson and chef Simon Skogert offer a dining experience beyond the ordinary. The dishes are freshly prepared in the ship's kitchen, and they look beautiful and taste heavenly. Our culinary offerings receive the highest rating from our guests! Expect personal and attentive service. The views on the cruise are spell-binding, and are accompanied by stories about life in the archipelago as the onboard guide introduces the various sights as we pass them.  This summer, you can choose between smoked chicken thighs with tarragon velouté with celeriac cream, smoked saithe with boiled, spiced potatoes, lemon-tossed cabbage and horseradish butter or Simon's specialty of dumplings filled with seasonal mushrooms and aged cheese topped with lingonberries and browned butter. Don't forget to leave some space for the homemade pie served with fresh custard!

Lerpottesill – KC Wallberg's recipe

Herring is a Swedish summer staple! Restaurateur KC Wallberg shares his mouth-watering recipe for Gubbhyllan's lerpottesill (herring dish). It can be served for a summer lunch, as an appetiser, or as part of a buffet. Ideally, the butter should be poured onto the dish at the time of serving; in the case of a buffet, it can be stored in a small jug.

Serves 4 people

16 new potatoes
1 tbsp butter
1 stem of fresh dill
6 boiled eggs – the egg yolk should be relatively firm, and not runny
4 pickled herrings
100 g chopped dill
50 g roughly chopped parsley
2 shredded spring onions
50 g finely chopped chives
200 g butter

How to make lerpottesill

Scrub the potatoes and boil them in lightly salted water together with the butter and stem of dill until almost soft. Drain the water, then cover the saucepan with kitchen paper while the steam evaporates. Boil the eggs until the egg yolk is relatively firm. Peel and slice the eggs. Then cut the herring into pieces and slice the potatoes.
Spread the potato and egg slices, the herring pieces, the onion and herbs on a platter or plates. Melt the butter over medium heat then remove from the saucepan. Pour the butter back into the saucepan and raise the heat. When the butter starts to brown, spoon it over the herbs. We hope you enjoy the meal!

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