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Best restaurants serving classic Swedish food in Stockholm


Our top seven restaurants in Stockholm and the archipelago

Luxury gourmet dinners are all well and good, but few things beat a well-cooked, classic Swedish dish. The origin of traditional Swedish cooking was mainly based on the produce found close to the farm and varied depending on what was available during the season. 
Traditional Swedish cuisine has proved very popular with locals and tourists alike and many high-end restaurants will feature some classic dishes on their menu. We have listed seven restaurants where you can find some of the best Swedish food in Stockholm! 

Swedish meatballs at Restaurang Storstad

At classic Restaurang Storstad you can enjoy home-rolled meatballs served with classic accompaniments such as potato pure, lingonberries and pickled cucumber. All dishes featured on the menu have a classic Scandinavian touch and are made with locally sourced produce.

Adress: Odengatan 41, Vasastan 
Price: From 155 SEK 

Classic S.O.S at Cinderella 

One of the most classic Swedish dishes is a ”S.O.S” (sill, ost, smör) which is based on herring, cheese and butter, often served with new potatoes and crisp bread. It’s best served with a cold beer or a traditional Snaps! On board the Cinderella boats you can enjoy this Swedish classic (and many more) and a cruise with the best views of the archipelago. 

Adress: Strandvägen, berth 14
Price: From 190 SEK - crusie included & food is additional

Biff Rydberg at Ulla Winbladh

On the picturesque island of Djurgården you can find the classic restaurant Ulla Winbladh, established in 1897. Here you can enjoy traditional Swedish dishes like Biff Rydberg (made of diced meat, potatoes and onion) served with a golden egg yolk and a mustard cream. 

Adress: Rosendalsvägen 8 
Price: Ca. 345 SEK

Traditional Swedish food at Långholmens Wärdshus

Located in a beautiful house from 1670’s in the neighbourhood of Södermalm you can find the charming restaurant Långholmens Wärdshus. The restaurant specialises in traditional Swedish cuisine and locally sourced produce.  

Adress: Långholmsmuren 20 
Price: Ca. 159 SEK

"Raggmunk" at Restaurang Grodan

A ”Raggmunk” is a Swedish potato pancake, fried in butter and traditionally served with crispy fried pork. At renowned establishment Restaurang Grodan, located near fashionable Stureplan on Östermalm, you can enjoy this classic dish with a luxury twist and substitute the pork for caviar, crème fraiche and red onion.

Adress: Grev Turegatan 16 
Price: From 185 SEK

Classic Toast Skagen onboard Art Deco ship S/S Stockholm

The stunning archipelago ship S/S Stockholm was built in 1931 and have some of the best views in Stockholm. The dining rooms are beautifully decorated in classic Art Deco-style. The food is cooked from scratch on board using mainly locally sourced produced. The menu sports many classic dishes, but one of the highlights is the Toast Skagen with shrimp, dill, lemon and horseradish on sourdough toast. Combined with beautiful views of the archipelago it’s one of our favourites!

Adress: Strandvägen, kajplats 16 
Price: From 195 SEK - cruise included & food is additional

Fried herring at Hamnkrogen Vaxholm

A visit to the quaint archipelago town of Vaxholm is a must when in Stockholm. At local haunt Hamnkrogen, located right by the harbour, you can enjoy a classic dish of fried herring with clarified butter, mashed potatoes and lingonberries. For a complete experience you can travel to Vaxholm with a classic archipelago ship built in the early 1900’s.

Adress: Söderhamnen 10, Vaxholm 
Price: From 175 SEK

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