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Lucia in Stockholm – tips on Lucia parades


Large guide – best places to experience Lucia

There's something special about Saint Lucy’s day, or Lucia as we simply call it in Sweden! Glistering candles, atmospheric Christmas carols, traditional costumes, and more. We have created an extensive guide with tips on Lucia parades both indoors and outdoors in Stockholm. Our tips take place both during the Lucia weekend and on the actual Saint Lucy’s Day, 13 December. At the end of this post, you’ll find a map with our Lucia tips highlighted.

Lucia parade at Skansen – outdoors

A beloved and recurring tradition is the Lucia Parade at Skansen, the first was held as early as 1893. Lucia is celebrated for three days at Skansen this year. The weekend offers an atmospheric Lucia concert both in the Seglora church by various choirs and on the Solliden stage by Skansen's own Lucia with her entourage. If you pay the park a visit on the actual Lucia Day itself, you will experience a fantastic Christmas atmosphere thanks to lovely Lucia parades that wanders around the area and sings for the visitors.

Tip - See the current program at Skansen and pre-order your ticket.

Lucia at the Grand Church – indoors

Stockholm's most visited and most popular Lucia train may be the one in the Grand Church of Stockholm, Storkyrkan. Both visitors from all over Sweden and even visitors from the rest of the world gather for this fantastic celebration every year. Enjoy all the beloved songs that belong to this special Swedish tradition, the glow from the Lucia crown and all the candles that adorn the medieval mystical church. The songs are performed by Stockholm's most prominent children's and youth choirs and Storkyrkan's own youth choir.

Tip - Pre-order your Lucia concert ticket to secure your spot in the Grand Church.

Lucia morning in St. Göran’s Church – indoors

Västermalm's assembly traditionally has Lucia celebrations in St. Göran's Church, among other places, where children and young people from Adolf Fredrik's music classes are responsible for the beautiful singing. Early on Lucia morning, you can hear beautiful Christmas melodies performed by Lucia herself and her entourage.

Tip - Pre-order your ticket to St. Görans´s Church, the earnings go to charity.

Concert & Lucia parade in Kungsträdgården – outdoors

Take a break in the Christmas rush and visit Kungsträdgården on Sunday afternoon, 12 December. Buy yourself something hot to drink, sit down on one of the benches under the roof in "Kungsan" (as Stockholmers often refer to Kungsträdgården as) and enjoy a classic Lucia parade that lights up the winter darkness. Here you will be met by Christmas songs performed by children's and youth choirs from cultural school, Kulturskolan, in Stockholm.

Choose between four different occasions during the afternoon.

Lucia gala in Stockholm Waterfront – indoors

Go to an atmospheric, traditional, and elegant Lucia gala and surround yourself with Christmas music performed by Stockholm’s Singers and two of Sweden's leading music schools on Saturday 12 December. The gala consists of several parts - first a classic Lucia parade with candles and traditional gowns, then a charming intermezzo and finally a classic Christmas concert at the end with a glistering finale.

Tip - Pre-order your ticket to Lucia gala to guarantee your spot.

Lucia from Tällberg on SVT – indoors

Every Lucia morning since 1956, the Swedish TV channel SVT has broadcasted the Lucia parade. Is there anything cosier than cuddling up on the couch early in the morning on Saint Lucy’s Day to enjoy the beautiful Lucia parade? This year, the parade is broadcasted live from the small village called Tällberg by the shores of Lake Siljan in Dalarna. The beautiful and atmospheric singing is performed by students at the Music Conservatory in Falun and children's choir from Kulturskolan. Of course, you can watch the broadcast afterwards on SVT-play.

Map with Lucia tips in Stockholm

Photo by: Henrik Trygg

Christmas dining on board S/S Stockholm
Christmas dining on board S/S Stockholm

Lucia celebration & Christmas dining cruise

Make your Lucia celebration extraordinary by booking a Christmas dining cruise before or after you have enjoyed your preferred Lucia parade - choose between lunch or dinner. Stromma's Christmas dining ships depart from Nybroviken and Strandvägen, at a perfect walking distance for those of you who have celebrated Lucia in the city centre. These are classic Christmas smorgasbord buffets with both traditional and modern dishes - flavours for everyone regardless of age!

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