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Swedish Christmas 2018


Christmas buffets are available between November 22 - December 23.  

Lunch (from 515 SEK/pers.)
Afternoon (from 615 SEK/pers.)
Dinner (from 720 SEK/pers.)


Traditional Swedish Christmas and more

Some of the more traditional dishes you will find at the Swedish Christmas buffets are pickled herring, meatballs, sausages, cured salmon, Jansson's Temptation, spareribs, and different kind of Swedish cheeses. How about roasted vegetables, confit of pork belly, smoked salmon fins, wild boar ham and baked celeriac with truffle butter?

For desserts you will enjoy delicious chocolate mousse, creamy pannacotta with saffron, risalamande, fruit salad, pecan pie, saffron pancakes, syrup-fried apple, crispy biscuits, Christmas sweets and more.

Make reservations today and celebrate Christmas with us! Read more about our restaurateurs and Christmas buffets - Christmas 2018 >>

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