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Where to find the best coffee in Stockholm


Top five cafés and coffee bars

Coffee anyone? Swedes love coffee and are the second biggest consumers in the entire world. We drink an average of 3,2 cups per day and are only surpassed by the Finns. Coffee in all forms is super trendy right now – maybe you have heard of some of the new hits such as Dalgona Coffee, Cold brew and Caffè Breve? Many coffee enthusiasts are also opting for organic options due to the environmental benefits. Stockholm is keeping up with all the latest coffee trends – we have listed the top five places to enjoy the best coffee in town!

Mellqvist Coffee Bar on Rörstrandsgatan

Mellqvist Coffee Bar has long been considered one of the best espresso bars in Stockholm. They are open all year round and open their doors as early as 6 am. Besides the fantastic coffee they also offer tasty sandwiches and traditional Swedish cinnamon buns.

Address: Rörstrandsgatan 4

Johan & Nyström – world class coffee bar

In Stockholm you can find Johan & Nyström coffee bars and concept stores dotted around the city  and they are definitely worth a visit. All coffee is roasted by hand in store in smaller quantities. Their main philosophy is that good coffee should not be rushed, but roasted slowly to develop the best flavour possible. A visit to Johan & Nyström is full of knowledge, inspiration and great taste!

Address: Södermalm – Swedenborgsgatan 7 / Kungsholmen – Hantverkargatan 7 / Vasastan – Odengatan 62

Kafé Esaias – in the heart of the city

Located on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm you can find popular Kafé Esaias – a coffee bar with a great passion for quality coffee and food. The high-quality coffee served is produced at famous roastery Da Matteo Torrefazione in Gothenburg. If you fancy a bite to eat with your coffee, they also offer tasty sandwiches and salads made with carefully selected ingredients.

Address: Drottninggatan 102

Drop Coffee by Mariatorget

Drop Coffee offer great coffee in stylish and charming premises located right by Mariatorget. Their aim is to create a unique experience with every cup of coffee served – temperature, equipment and produce all play an equally big part. They have their own roastery where you can book themed courses to learn more about the art of coffee roasting.  
Address: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10

Organic coffee onboard Stromma’s ships

In the restaurants and cafés onboard Stromma’s boats you can enjoy a great cup of organic coffee. Besides great taste, organic coffee has a positive effect on the environment for both nature, animals and humans. Every year Stromma receives a report to show the impact of choosing organic coffee. One year’s supply amount to roughly 1 100 000 cups of coffee – the impact of this equals a reduction of roughly 140 kg pesticides, 1400 kg less commercial fertilizers and an overall lower carbon footprint. 

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