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Where to try winter swimming in Stockholm


Best tips for cold dips, locations and useful things to bring

Sub zero temperatures, snow and ice – have you tried the trend of winter swimming? It’s popping up everywhere on social media and many rave about the positive effects on the body and soul. They say you never regret an icy dip! We have listed our top locations for winter swimming in central Stockholm, as well as our top tips and a list of useful things to bring when you go for a winter swim. The map at the end of this post shows you where all our tips are located in Stockholm.

Why winter swimming?

Many people who try winter swimming praise it for positive effects such energy boost, reduced stress and overall boost in confidence and wellbeing. Whilst those effects have not (yet) been scientifically proved, there is evidence of increased blood flow and overall better immune system. As long as you are generally healthy there are no reasons not to try it!

Where to try winter swimming in Stockholm

If you are curious to try winter swimming there are several locations available in Stockholm. If you require a sauna nearby the options may be slightly limited, and during the pandemic the opening hours and availability may be reduced. If you do not require a sauna the easiest way is to go for a brisk walk by the water and find a suitable jetty with a ladder. We have listed our top spots for winter swimming – both with and without sauna.

Norrbergsbadet in Vaxholm 
Norrbergsbadet is located centrally, yet private, in the quaint archipelago town of Vaxholm. Here you can find a jetty with a ladder to help you get in to (and up from) the water. 

Top tip – Enjoy a cruise from central Stockholm to Vaxholm through the beautiful archipelago. Prebook you boat ticket to Vaxholm online for guaranteed space onboard.

Källtorp’s Lake in Nacka  
Hellasgården in the Nacka nature reserve sports both a sauna and a jetty where you can take a dip in the frozen Källtorp Lake. During the winter months the whole in the ice is kept open by pump control.

Fredhällsbadet on Kungsholmen 
During the summer months the swimming spot by the rocks at Fredhäll is very popular, but the location is also suitable for winter swimming – from the rocks or the jetty. There is also a swimming club with a sauna available for club members.

Kaananbadet in Bromma 
At Kaananbadet you can enjoy a dip at the whole in the ice maintained by the sauna club Isbjörnarna (the Polar Bears). Available for members as well as visitors.

Tenöbadet at Bogesund 
Located at Bogesundslandet in Vaxholm you can find Tenöbadet, a popular swimming spot in the summer. It’s also perfect for a dip during winter time. There is a ladder to descend from, or you can wade in from the beach or slide of the cliffs.

Domarudden in Österåker 
At Domarudden in Österåker there are plenty of opportunities for winter swimming – with or without sauna. There are also a number of other outdoor activities available.

7 important tips for winter swimming

Safety comes first when trying something new. Winter swimming is an adventure that requires preparation and a good amount of respect. We have listed some important things to think about: 

  • Never go swimming alone 
  • Swim during the day (preferably in daylight) 
  • Choose a spot where you can touch the bottom of the lake or have access to a ladder or quick and easy exit
  • Always swim sober 
  • Beginners are advised to keep their head above water  
  • Don’t forget to breathe 
  • Don’t stay in for too long
  • Swimming skills are essential 

Useful things to bring when you try winter swimming

Preparation is key when it comes to enjoying winter swimming. You’ll definitely feel chilly after your dip, but to reduce the cold and maximise the benefits we have prepared a list of good things to bring.

  • A warm hat and gloves to wear before, during and after your dip  
  • Towel to dry yourself  
  • A warm dressing gown to wrap up in directly afterwards  
  • Slippers to wear on the jetty  
  • Warm clothes that are easy to get in to – think wool and fleece 
  • Something warm to drink afterwards 
  • A portable thermometer to find out the temperature  

Map - Winter swimming in Stockholm

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