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Terms of transport

For the purpose of passenger transportation, the following terms and conditions shall apply:

1. The charterer is Stromma Finland Oy AB. The transportation contract is between the charterer and the passenger.

2. When an event of force majeure occurs, the charterer has the right to execute any transportation service by means of using another ship (other than the vessel which was advertised or booked) and change the timetable for standard cruises without prior notice.

3. The passenger undertakes to follow the vessel’s regulations and security regulations during the entire duration of the cruise.

4. The charterer is liable for any personal injuries which passengers may suffer and which were due to an accident or accidents during the voyage in cases where any such accident was caused by a mistake by the charterer or neglect on behalf of the charterer or other any person who is operating within the charterer’s area of responsibility. The same considerations apply to damages due to any damage or destruction to luggage or in regard to any delays which are incurred for any reason.

5. The customer undertakes to prove that any potential damage to their luggage or them themselves has been caused by a mistake by or negligence on behalf of the charterer or any other person who is operating within the charterer’s area of responsibility.

6. The charterer’s liability is governed by § 15 of Finnish Maritime Law and is, according to § 15, limited to one passenger, with any and all damages which are incurred on the same voyage being accumulated as follows:

• 175,000 SDR for personal injuries
• 4,150 SDR on any passenger transportation delays
• 1,800 SDR in cases of loss, damage or delays involving baggage
• 10,000 SDR for a vehicle
• 2,700 SDR in cases of the loss or damage of, or delays to, any other baggage

Additionally, the charterer is entitled  to appeal to § 9 of the Maritime Law. Liabilities will incur total liability rates according to § 5. The passenger’s own risks:

• 20 SDR on baggage and delay damages
• 150 SDR on vehicle damages

According to the Special Drawing Right, the SDR is a unit which is determined by the International Monetary Fund with a rate which at 4/10/2013 is set at 1 SDR = 1.1321 €.

7. The charterer is not held liable for the following:

• personal injuries or damages to hand baggage as well as any delays which have occurred before the passenger stepping aboard the vessel or before their baggage is brought aboard the vessel and after the passenger has left the vessel or their baggage has been taken off the vessel.
• money, securities, art or valuables.

8. The officers, crew and other persons who fall under the area of responsibility of the charterer also bear the aforementioned limitations and liability exemptions.

9. Claims which are regulated by these terms and conditions shall be presented to Maritime Law in jurisdiction according to the charterer’s business location or the main area of practice for its business.

10. On other issues the provisions of Finnish Maritime Law shall be applied.

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