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Where to find the best outdoor gyms in central Stockholm


List of outdoor gyms and top exercises

Working out can do wonders for your mental and physical health, as well as your overall energy levels. However, gym memberships can be expensive and in times when spread of different flues and infections is higher, exercising outdoors can be a good option. Stockholm city hosts many excellent outdoor gyms and best of all – they are free for all to use! We have listed the top outdoor gyms in different boroughs in central Stockholm and some useful exercises to try while you’re there.

2 x outdoor gyms on Östermalm

In the borough of Östermalm you can find outdoor gyms in Humlegården and Tessinparken. The gym in Tessinparken is especially suited to senior citizens.

Outdoor meet in Tessinparken  
In Tessinparken there are a gym that is especially suited to senior citizens and (responsible) social interaction. There are also tables where you can enjoy an outdoor picnic or hot drink.

Humlan’s outdoor gym  
At the outdoor gym located in Humlegården you can find an assortment of gym racks suitable for functional training. 

Work out at Gärdet & Djurgården

In the area of Gärdet you can find the outdoor gym that has been ranked top in the entire city based on Google reviews. On the island of Royal Djurgården there is a gym with assorted exercise machines. 

Gärdet’s outdoor gym 
Gärdet’s gym are probably one of the best equipped outdoor gyms in Stockholm. Plus it’s lit up until 10pm!

Kaknäs outdoor gym  
The outdoor gym at Kaknäs is located right by the exercise tracks and is perfect for a quick stop. It has ten machines for a full body workout.

2 x outdoor gyms in Vasastan

In Vasastan there are two good outdoor gyms. The Vanadis outdoor gym is located next to a playground if you want to bring kids along.

Outdoor gym in Vasaparken
At the outdoor gym in Vasaparken you can try seven different compound moves to challenge your body with help from the guides printed on the equipment. There is also a wooden deck and artificial grass for floor exercises.

Vanadis outdoor gym  
The Vanadis outdoor gym is suitable for functional training using your bodyweight. There is a pull up rack and gymnastic rings, amongst other things.  

4 x outdoor gyms on Kungsholmen

On Kungsholmen there are four outdoor gyms, all located in beautiful parks.

Kungsholms strandstig’s outdoor gym
At Strandstigs on Kungsholmen there is a gym made for outdoor exercise with six different pieces of equipment using mainly your body weight as resistance.  

Rålambshovsparken’s outdoor gym
The outdoor gym in Rålambshovsparken also focus on using your bodyweight for resistance. There is also a pole for pole dancing and an area with artificial grass for stretching.

Outdoor gym in Kronobergparken 
Kronobergsparken has an outdoor gym that is suitable for lighter exercise. Here you can train strength and flexibility in equipment with moving parts.

Outdoor gym at Smeduddsbadet
An older gym located by Smeduddsbadet, equipped with a pull up bar in different levels and other equipment for lifting. Perfect for a quick stop on your walk or run. 

Accessible outdoor gym on Södermalm

If you are looking for an outdoor gym that is accessible for all we recommend that you head to Södermalm. They are suitable for beginners as well as experienced gym goers.

Eriksdal’s outdoor gym 
Eriksdal’s gym are a complete and accessible gym with equipment to target your whole body and area for stretching and own exercises located at Eriksdal.

Outdoor gym located in Tantolunden  
The outdoor gym in Tantolunden has also been built to be accessible for all. Here you can adapt the resistance in the workout equipment yourself.

Exercises for outdoor gym

Outdoor gyms are perfect for beginners as well as experienced gym goers. There are exercises for the whole body, regardless if you want to focus on a specific muscle group or do a full body workout. Try combining your visit to the outdoor gym with some cardiovascular exercise like walking or running. Below you can find some good tips of exercises that you can do in an outdoor gym. 

List with links to great training exercises:

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