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Christmas dining cruises 2020 with Stromma


You can still enjoy a Christmas dining cruise in the archipelago  

Christmas time is almost here and it’s about time to book this year’s Christmas dinner – especially if you have a certain date in mind! Are you looking for a Christmas dinner for your family, friends or colleagues? Stromma have atmospheric Christmas cruises for all parties, both large and small. Are you looking for a traditional Christmas buffet or would you prefer a Christmas dinner served directly to your table? Find the best Christmas dining in Stockholm. Due to the current climate all cruises have been adapted to Covid-19 for everybody’s safety. Reduced number of guests, more space between tables and meticulous hygiene and cleaning routines – read about Stromma’s precautionary measures here.

Classic Christmas dinner served to your table onboard M/S Gustafsberg VII

The best of the best! The classic Christmas dinner onboard M/S Gustafsberg VII is a great option if you prefer to enjoy the unique atmosphere and delicious Christmas classics seated at your table. The Christmas dinner has been specially composed by restaurateur Arnaud Eygun and will be served directly to your table in several servings – herring with classic accompaniments, salmon, cold cuts and classic warm dishes. Round off your perfect Christmas meal with cheeses, pies and sweet treats from the dessert table.

Modern meets classic in several servings at S/S Stockholm

There is no vessel more regal than S/S Stockholm to be found in the archipelago. Welcome aboard this classic 1930’s archipelago ship and enjoy a high quality classic Christmas menu created by well-renowned restaurateurs Hjalmar Litzén, Daniel Tingström and Jacob Bergström. As an adaption during the current pandemic all dishes are served as sharing platters directly to your table and refilled at your request. Don’t miss all the delicious treats from the dessert table!

Traditional Christmas buffet onboard M/S Waxholm III

Dreaming of a traditional Swedish Christmas buffet? Make sure to reserve a space onboard beautiful archipelago ship M/S Waxholm III and enjoy a magical Christmas experience in the archipelago. The Christmas buffet composed by restaurateurs Jesper Taube and Maria Svensson is filled with all the classic favourites from herring to gravlax, fresh salads, meatballs and sausages and sweet treats on the dessert table. The buffet has been carefully adapted during Corona to make sure you can enjoy the delicious food, company and atmosphere without compromising your safety.

Private dining area – charter a salon

There are many perks of chartering your very own salon onboard one of our classic Christmas boats – here you can enjoy a private space to sing songs, exchange gifts, hold speeches or just enjoy the comfort of your own space. There are plenty of spaces available for parties ranging from 8 up to 40 people.

Unique Christmas atmosphere at Vaxholms Kastell

The Christmas atmosphere is instant as you walk through the vaults at Restaurang Pansarbatteriet, located at historical Vaxholms Kastell. The stone clad vaults, atmospheric candlelight and traditional Christmas buffet makes this an unforgettable Christmas experience. The buffet offers all the best Christmas dishes as well as some in-house specialties – how about a G&T pickled herring? The buffet has been adapted to the current pandemic without compromising on its authentic Christmas feel. 
The boat to Vaxholms Kastell departs from Strandvägen in central Stockholm and is the quickest and easiest way to get there – and the scenic views are an experience in itself!

Christmas party with your colleagues in the archipelago

Are you planning a Christmas party for your colleagues? Charter your very own archipelago ship and custom it to your event! Traditional Christmas buffet or table service? Ships for all parties – perfect for groups of 25 up to 170 people. Imagine your very own ship in the archipelago with delicious food, stunning views and unbeatable Christmas atmosphere. Stromma’s dedicated staff are committed to helping you create the perfect Christmas event – how about a musician for a singalong with classic Christmas tunes or a DJ to raise the party spirit after dinner? 

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