S/S Stockholm

Strömma's flagship

S/S Stockholm, matsal övre däck S/S Stockholm, damsalongen övre däck S/S Stockholm, herrsalongen nedre däck S/S Stockholm, matsal övre däck

Welcome on board M/S Stockholm to enjoy an experience for all your senses. The maximum number of guests onboard is 300 and for seated dinners the ship holds 250 guests.

The S/S Stockholm is the fleet's largest ships with room for 300 persons during mingle arrangements. The beautiful dining room, furnished in modern art deco-style, has room for 130 persons.

Onboard there is even a gentlemen's lounge and a lady's lounge for short meetings.  

The ship is larger and more spacious than the traditional archipelago vessels and has a spacious sundeck with room for 50 persons.

Restauranteurs : Hjalmar Litzén, Daniel Tingström & Jacob Bergström

Max capacity : 300

Phone number : +46 8 12 00 40 42

Price : from 9250 SEK per hour (excl. VAT)


Built: 1931
Dining room, upper deck: 120
Ladies lounge, upper deck: 44
Gentlemen's lounge, main deck: 26   
Lounge bar, main deck: 50
Buffet: 190
Min number of guests: 130
Transport/drink arrangement: 250
Sun deck: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Impaired mobility:    
Accessible restroom: Yes. Width gangway: 90 cm. Thresholds and stairs onboard.

Price information

The rental price varies depending on the date and type of event. Leave your requirements here, and we will get back to you with a cost estimation. The rental price is excluding VAT.

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Deck plans

The ship was built for Kungliga Generalpoststyrelsen (the royal mail service) and was named to S/S Öland. For many years she trafficked the route between Kalmar and Färjestaden. Since she was custom made to be able to handle rough winters with heavy icing.

In 1958 she is sold to the Finnish shipping company Vasa-Umeå AB. They rebuild her as a car ferry and get renamed to Korsholm III. Until 1967 she traffics the route between Vasa and Umeå.

When Strömma buys her in 1998 she is ready for the scrap but todays she is carefully restored in art deco-style from 1930. On May 4th 2000 she is named to S/S Stockholm by His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf at a grandiose ceremony by Stadshuskajen in Stockholm.


1931 at Oskarshamns Mekaniska Verkstad

Former names

Öland and Korsholm

Did you know...

The Swedish princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill with guests of honor travels with S/S Stockholm from Everts Taubes Terrace on Riddarholmen to the castle of Drottningholm for a wedding dinner on the 8th of June in 2013.