Rent M/S Waxholm III in Stockholm

A Classic and Elegant Archipelago Ship

M/S Waxholm III (built 1903) is one of Strömma Kanalbolaget's oldest classic archipelago ships - excellent for those who want to rent an elegant and unique venue for a party in the Stockholm archipelago and Lake Mälaren. On board, there are four different dining rooms and lounges in different sizes. The boat is excellent for events such as parties, dinners, weddings, transport, or mingles and is suitable for parties between 60-200 people.

On the main deck is the ship's spacious and bright main dining room with a bar and the smaller dining room the “Gentlemen's Saloon". On the upper deck is the "Ladies' Saloon" and a beautiful smaller dining room. All spaces are carefully renovated in period style with elegant wooden furnishings. The outdoor deck with a roof is a perfect place for, for example, the pre-drink.

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The Advantages of Renting M/S Waxholm III

- Four different dining rooms and saloons in different sizes
- Outside deck with a roof on the upper deck
- Boat crew, serving & kitchen staff, and cleaning are included

M/S Waxholm III – Food & Drinks

The restaurant on board M/S Waxholm III is run by restaurateur Jesper Taube and restaurant manager Maria Svensson. Both have extensive experience in the industry and always strive to deliver experiences beyond the ordinary. The food is prepared from well-selected ingredients in the kitchen on board the boat. You are always served good and classic food framed by the beautiful ship and the archipelago.

We at Stromma work continuously with our restaurateurs to reduce the environmental impact. For example, we do not use single-use plastic, only environmentally friendly cleaning products, and we only serve environmentally and fair-traded coffee and tea in our restaurants. Please read more about our sustainability work.

M/S Waxholm III is also available to rent for a Christmas cruise with a classic Christmas dinner served on board.

The History of M/S Waxholm III

M/S Waxholm III was built in 1903 at Bergsund's Mekaniska Verkstad. She was delivered to Ångbåts AB Skärgården in Norrköping, where she operated on the route Norrköping-Gryt-Valdemarsvik. A few years later, she was sold to Waxholms Nya Ångfartygs AB, where she was rebuilt and instead operated the route Stockholm-Blidösundet.

During the years 1940-1945, she was leased to the Navy Administration for military transport and was then stationed at Vaxholm Fortress. In 1992 she was bought by Strömma Kanalbolaget and after two years of a gentle, total renovation, she was back in service in 1994.

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Did you know that from 1964 and for many years to come, M/S Waxholm III was in the harbor in Vaxholm? There she operated as a café and bar under the name Matvraket.

Restauranteurs : Jesper Taube & Maria Svensson

Max capacity (pax) : 200

Phone number : +46 8 12 00 40 42

Price low season: from SEK 9453/h

(Valid October-April, but not December)

Price high season: from SEK 12 031/h

(Valid May-September and December)

Minimum 4h

Price : from 9453 SEK per hour (excl. VAT)

Price information

The rental price varies depending on the date and type of event. Leave your requirements here, and we will get back to you with a cost estimation. The rental price is excluding VAT.


Built: 1903
Dining room, main deck: 97 persons
Gentlemen's lounge, main deck: 10 persons
Dining room, upper deck:
28 persons
Ladies lounge, upper deck: 8 persons
113 persons
Transport/drink arrangement: 200 persons
Min number of guests: 60    
Sun deck: Yes (under roof)
Wifi: Yes
Impaired mobility:   
Accessible restroom: Yes. Thresholds and stairs onboard.
Other: The maximum capacity on board may vary depending on the season and type of arrangement

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Deck plans

M/S Waxholm III in Stockholm
M/S Waxholm III in Stockholm

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