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Your summer bucket list – fun activities in Stockholm


Our top tips for your staycation in the city and the archipelago

This summer’s best bucket list includes classic summer ‘must-dos’, such as ice cream eating, friendly games, morning swims and boat trips. Let us help you find the best holiday options for you. Why not tick off several of the activities on our list for your best summer ever?

Enjoy a morning swim in the city

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a morning swim! Even if you’re staying in central Stockholm, you’ll find lots of great places to swim in easy cycling distance. Throw caution to the wind and pedal off already dressed in your robe and swimwear! You can also take the Stockholm Metro – our swimming spot suggestions are all within easy walking distance of a metro station. Do you prefer a sandy or rocky beach? Here are our top tips for both preferences.

4 x sandy beaches close to the city

  • Smedsuddsbadet on Kungsholmen (Fridhemsplan metro station)
  • Ekhagens Strandbad (Lappis Beach) (Universitetet metro station)
  • Långholmens Strandbad (Hornstull metro station)
  • Tanto Strandbad (Zinkensdamm metro station)

2 x rocky beaches close to the city

  • The Fredhäll rocks in Fredhäll (Kristineberg metro station)
  • Långholmens Klippbad (Hornstull metro station)

Challenge your friends to a game of Petanque

The French game Petanque has become extremely popular with Swedes. In Sweden, however, the game is better known as Boule. All you need to play Petanque is a gravel court of about 3x12 metres and a set of metal boule balls, of course. During the summer, you often see people playing Petanque in sandy car parks or other makeshift but eminently suitable courts. While some local knowledge might be necessary to find these places, never fear because Stockholm has plenty of Petanque courts that also have restaurants and bars just a boule ball’s toss away. This summer’s most enjoyable and laid-back sport!

3 x Petanque tips in Stockholm

Treat yourself to a delicious gelato

The Swedish love affair with ice cream shows no sign of ending any time soon! Italian ice cream has long been famous as an especially delicious and more luxurious frozen dessert. Now ‘gelato’ (which means ‘ice cream’ in Italian) is the name on every connoisseur’s lips! So what’s the difference between gelato and ordinary ice cream? Gelato is made of milk – or is sometimes completely water based – unlike ordinary ice cream, which is usually made of cream and egg yolks. Gelato typically contains less air, which makes it denser and creamier. Gelato should be served at a warmer temperature than ordinary ice cream, and contains a larger proportion of natural raw ingredients and flavourings – a combination that makes the flavour much richer. So where can you enjoy really delicious gelato in Stockholm?

4 x gelato tips close to the city

  • StikkiNikki
  • Gelateria Italiana
  • Gelateria Amore
  • Snö at Odengatan 92

2 x gelato tips outside the city

  • Gelato Scarfó in Bromma
  • Glass på hörnet in Vaxholm

Take a boat rip in the archipelago and Lake Mälaren

No summer holiday in Sweden’s capital city is complete without a boat trip in the archipelago or on Lake Mälaren. Why not combine your boat trip with a visit to one of the archipelago’s and Lake Mälaren’s most charming summer destinations? Choosing a boat trip with Strömma Kanalbolaget gives you a wonderful holistic experience, where the boat journey itself is every bit as magical as your visit to the destination. Your on-board guide tells you all about the sights we pass along our route, and about life in the archipelago, Stockholm and Lake Mälaren. The boat has a KRAV-labelled café and/or restaurant, where all of the food is prepared on board by the boat’s own chefs! At least one boat trip this summer is a must for both city residents and visitors. 

4 x tips on the most charming summer destinations

Holiday tips in Stockholm

Do you want to experience as much as possible during your holiday in Stockholm? Take boat trips in Stockholm City, the archipelago and Lake Mälaren. Try Stromma’s most popular day trips and sightseeing tours, for example The Royal Canal Tour, Under the Bridges of Stockholm, Grand Canal Cruise to Gustavsberg, Boat to Fjäderholmarna, Cinderella Boats in the archipelago, Boat to Vaxholm or Boat to Drottningholm.

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