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Things to do in Stockholm in July


Top tips of what to do in Stockholm in July

We have listed our best tips of cruises in the archipelago – suitable for residents on vacation and tourists of all ages. Bring your family or friends and discover some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the archipelago and Lake Mälaren – the journey there is as much of an experience as the destination itself.

All cruises have a guide that will tell you all the interesting facts and there are special menus and discounts for children and youngsters. Visiting Stockholm in July is not complete without a boat trip in the archipelago!

Strömma Canal tour to Sandhamn

Experience the archipelago with a guided daytrip onboard M/S Strömma to the popular island of Sandhamn. The ship was especially built to navigate the narrow and shallow passageways. In the restaurant on board you can order classic dishes inspired by the archipelago. 

The ship also sports a large sundeck, perfect for enjoying a cold drink and the stunning views as you pass through the canal. At Sandhamn you can join a guided your or discover the island on your own – there are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops as well as quiet sandy beaches.

Tips - read our guide about Sandhamn

Grand Canal Cruise to Gustavsberg

Onboard classic archipelago ship M/S Gustafsberg VII from 1912 you can relax and enjoy the scenic views as you cruise through the archipelago. Your destination, the quaint town of Gustavsberg, is widely know for its ceramics and porcelain. An interesting fact is that the ship M/S Gustafsberg VII was originally built to ship porcelain from the town to the capital of Stockholm.

In Gustavsberg you can enjoy shopping and pay a visit to the famous Porcelain Museum. Onboard the boat there is a café serving lunch and traditional Swedish “fika”.

Tips - read our guide about Gustavsberg

Archipelago Tour with Guide

Archipelago Tour with Guide is the perfect boat trip if you are looking to discover the best and most beautiful parts of the Stockholm archipelago in a short period of time. During our 2.5- to 3-hour long tour, our knowledgeable guide on board will share little anecdotes and tell you all there is to know about the various historical, cultural, and natural sights we pass on our way.

The ships M/S Östanå I, S/S Stockholm, and M/S Angantyr are all real gems, and just the ships itself is worth the trip. In the restaurant you can enjoy a delicious lunch, the food (and dessert) always gets rave reviews from our guests. Not to be missed!  

Thousand Island Cruise – true archipelago magic

Take a break from the city noise and take a full day cruise, Thousand Island Cruise, through the inner archipelago to the outer archipelago with three stops at popular archipelago islands along the way.

You will visit Kymmendö the island Strindberg refers to as Hemsö, take a swim at Bullerö and visit the sailing paradise Sandhamn, where the walkways are lined with quaint houses and magical pine forests.  During the stops at the island you can join a guided walk. Lunch, dinner and fika is served onboard during the day. This cruise is a true memory for life!

Guided boat trip to Sigtuna

Sigtuna is often referred to as Swedens first city and is a must visit during the summer months. The cobbled streets are lined with picturesque wooden houses and here you can find plenty of small shops, galleries and cafés.

The boat trip to Sigtuna will take you through beautiful lake Mälaren with newly renovated M/S Evert Taube. There is a café and restaurant onboard.

Lake Mälaren Cruise to Skokloster

Skokloster Castle is the largest private castle built in Sweden. The interiors have been kept pretty much identical since it was built and is now considered one of the finest baroque castles in Europe. Here you acn choose to join a guided tour or discover the castle on your own.

The journey to Skokloster will take you through Lake Mälaren with newly renovated M/S Evert Taube. There is a guide onboard telling you all about the things you pass on the waay, as well as a café and restaurant to enjoy a light lunch or coffee and cake.

Other things to do in Stockholm

Are you short on time but still want to see the city from the water? Of course, we have tips on things to do in Stockholm, Sweden in July for you. Experience the city with a sightseeing boat tour! 


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