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Business Unit - Stromma Sweden

Business Unit Director Sweden
Peter Henricson
E-post: peter.henricson[at]stromma.se

Marketing Manager

Cecilia Sandberg
E-mail: cecilia.sandberg[at]stromma.se

Sales Manager
Martin Durnik
E-mail: martin.durnik[at]stromma.se

Planning & Operations Manager
Evelina Brihall
E-mail: evelina.brihall[at]stromma.se

Destination Manager Birka The Viking City
Veronica Björkman
E-mail: veronica.bjorkman[at]stromma.se

Business Unit Manager Göteborg & Göta Kanal
Fredrik Duveskog
E-mail: fredrik.duveskog[at]stromma.se

Business Unit Manager Vaxholms Kastell
Jakob Wallin
E-mail: jakob.wallin[at]stromma.se

Business Unit Manager Malmö
Thomas Ek
E-mail: thomas.ek[at]stromma.se

Group Directors & Managers

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Business ethics and competition aspects

The Strömma Group will always respect business ethic laws and agreements on the markets on which we operate. We are committed to healthy competition and consider that this allows us the maximum scope to develop our ability to offer the best products and services.

We do not accept bribes or other payments that may affect decisions, or any form of extortion, as either giver/initiator or receiver. Purchasing and sales will be managed with the greatest possible integrity. To this end, neither the Strömma Group nor the company's employees will give or receive offers of gifts, benefits or entertainment that may significantly affect the company's or the customer's decision-making.

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