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Recommendations for meetings & conferences in Stockholm during Corona


Tips & checklist for arranging a safer event

We have all missed our colleagues this spring, and many are looking forward to meeting up again, but what regulations apply to meetings and conferences? What does the Swedish Public Health Authority say? We have gathered tips, advice and a checklist for how to arrange a safer way for you and your colleagues to meet this autumn!

Are groups with over 50 people allowed at a conference?

A common misunderstanding is that the limit of 50 people applies to all events, when conferences, meetings and kick-off are in fact exempt to this rule. The limit of 50 people applies to public events such as demonstrations, restaurants and concerts, according to the Swedish Public Health Authority. Although larger events such as meetings and conferences are allowed, necessary precautions should still be taken to ensure a safe environment. 

Quick checklist for a safer event during Corona

  • Read the Swedish Public Health Authority recommendations 
  • Carry out a risk assessment  
  • Take necessary precautions based on the risk assessment  
  • Inform all participants regarding protocol when showing any symptom of illness 
  • Make sure the venue you have chosen have taken sufficient precautions to prevent the spread of infection 

Best venues to book during Corona

Although there are never any guarantees, one of the safest places to hold an event is probably on a ship or island in the archipelago. At Stromma we take the spread of Corona very seriously and will do everything we can to make your event as safe as possible. You can read about our routines and precautionary measures here. Our sales department are highly experienced when it comes to event planning and are always available for any questions or queries you may have.   

Conference onboard a ship

When you charter a boat for your conference we can guarantee exclusivity for you and your colleagues – the only other people at the venue will be the staff onboard. The calm atmosphere and archipelago views are great bonus! You only need to think about the content for your event, we will provide all the practical details such as technology, lunch and fika. Many of our boats have smaller salons so that you can split into smaller groups.

Meetings at historical Vaxholm Kastell

A unique venue in the heart of the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. Although Vaxholms Kastell is a historical citadel, it has all the modern facilities required for a successful conference. There are several different rooms and plenty of room to space out. This venue is perfectly organised with modern technology, great views and lunch served in grand Restaurang Pansarbatteriet overlooking the water. 

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