Johan Henriksson

M/S Strömma Kanal, M/S Evert Taube

Johan Henriksson is the restaurateur onboard M/S Strömma kanal and M/S Evert Taube in Stockholm's archipelago. The food on board is well made – a feast for the tastebuds.

"Our food philosophy is based on presenting interesting cooking on traditional grounds, with inspiration from the sea and with a modern and innovative touch. A key ingredient of our work is to combine food and drink in the best way for the best possible experience. Me and my crew welcome you to an unforgettable experience in the archipelago!"

He mainly uses organic products, locally grown raw materials and trains his staff regularly within sustainability. Apart from an environmentally-sound taste experience, Johan's restaurants are noted for their good atmosphere, excellent service and unique skerry environments.

Christmas 2019

M/S Evert Taube is the perfect boat for your transport to the Christmas buffet. Aboard restaurateur Johan Henrikson can arrange your Christmas mingle. Mulled wine and ginger snaps? Sparkling wine and appetizers? Sandwich and cold beer?

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