Hjalmar Litzén, Daniel Tingström & Jacob Bergström

S/S Stockholm

The restaurateurs on board S/S Stockholm are Hjalmar Litzén, Daniel Tingström and Jacob Bergström. They have together many years of experience in the restaurant business and have been working all around the world owning and operating quality restaurants.

Hjalmar Litzén has owned several restaurants, both in Sweden and abroad. He has operated Sjögräs, Andalusiska Hunden, Hemavans Högfjällshotell and Fiore to name a few of them. His experience extends back to the 90’s.

Daniel Tingström has extensive experience operating restaurants - in Stockholm, London, Caribbean and on Gotland.

Jakob Bergström is a trained chef at Cordon Bleu and a sommelier from Restaurangakademien. He previously owned and operated four restaurants (Jacobskedjan) and has also been a restaurant manager at several reputed restaurants in Stockholm and abroad.

On board S/S Stockholm with Hjalmar, Daniel and Jakob you will find locally produced, seasonal food and wine. Come here for a simple afterwork or stay for dinner and enjoy a relaxed evening with fine food and wine.  

Christmas 2019

Hjalmar Litzén, Daniel Tingström and Jacob Bergström serves a classic Swedish Christmas buffet featuring festive favourites aboard S/S Stockholm.

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