S/S Drottningholm

Our only steamship

S/S Drottningholm, matsal huvuddäck S/S Drottningholm, matsal övre däck S/S Drottningholm, matsal huvuddäck – Strömma Kanalbolaget

The S/S Drottningholm is, with its over 100 years, the proudest steamship of the archipelago. Onboard we offer a feeling of the turn-of-the-century atmosphere.

There are two cozy lounges here and two dining rooms. The upper deck rooms 38 seated guests, while the main deck rooms 40 persons.

The boat also has a fantastic sundeck where an aperitif can be advantageously served.

Restauranteurs : KC Wallberg

Max capacity : 120

Phone number : +46 8 12 00 40 42

Price : from 5800 SEK per hour (excl. VAT)


Built: 1909
Dining room, upper deck: 38   
Dining room, main deck: 38
Min numbers of guests: 25
Transport/drink arrangement: 80 
Sun deck: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Impaired mobility:   
Accessible restroom: No. High thresholds and steep stairs onboard.

Price information

The rental price varies depending on the date and type of event. Leave your requirements here, and we will get back to you with a cost estimation. The rental price is excluding VAT.

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Deck plans

The ship originally called S/S Valkyrian (sister ship to the M/S Angantyr) was built to be used as a tender boat in Lake Mälaren and the inner archipelago. During the 1950s, she ran freight during the winters, she also trafficked the line to Möja for a time.

In 1968 she was sold to Strömma and renamed Nya Strömma Kanal, when the idea was that she would use this canal. These plans were not so good when she was just too deep for the Strömma Kanal. It was then discovered that the classic line between Stockholm and Drottningholm was unutilized. The ship was then renamed again and got the name S/S Drottningholm and in 1969 she began to operate on the line to Drottningholm. Her godmother is Princess Christina.

S/S Drottningholm still operates the route from the City Hall to Drottningholm.


1909 in Motala Mekaniska Verkstad

Previous names

Valkyrian and Saltkråkan

Did you know that...

During the 1960s she worked for a very famous Swedish TV serie called Saltkråkan.