Safer meetings during Corona

Tips, FAQ and recommendations

  • Guaranteed exclusivity on a chartered boat
  • Different sizes of boats – many with smaller salons
  • Fresh air on the outdoor deck
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What does Stromma do to reduce the spread of infection onboard?

Here you will find all current information about present rules on board our cruises.

Covid certificates

At present, Covid certificates are not required at restaurants in Sweden. For that reason, you as a guest are not obliged to show a Covid certificate when visiting any of our cruises. Of course, we follow the developments and discussions closely, and in the event of changed conditions, we will contact all affected guests.

Some of the measures we have taken:

  • We allow fewer guests on board than usual.
  • We make sure to place all parties in our dining room with as much distance as possible - maximum 8 persons per party.
  • Only table service will be available in our restaurants and we will place each party at least 1 meter apart.
  • In the event of a queue, we kindly ask you to keep an appropriate distance to the persons next to you.
  • We close our Restaurants at 11 pm.
  • We clean and disinfect exposed guest areas in restaurants and compartments several times a day.
  • We continue to maintain good hygiene in the kitchens and handle food in a safe way.
  • We stay home in case of symptoms of illness, regardless of the extent.

When you are on board with us, we appreciate that you follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and:

  • Wash your hands when necessary.
  • Keep your distance when talking to on-board staff or other guests.
  • If you must cough or sneeze, do it in the bend of the arm.
  • Only visit us when you are completely healthy.

Of course, we follow the authorities' recommendations continuously and adapt our routines accordingly. Our goal is for you to always feel safe with us!

The Public Health Agency of Sweden

International information:
World Health Organization
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Tips for arranging a safer event onboard a boat during Corona

Here you can find our best tips for arranging safer meetings and events onboard a ship during Corona.  When you charter a ship we can guarantee exclusivity and ensure that no other people than the staff working onboard have access to your event.

  • Guaranteed exclusivity onboard
  • Choose a ship that is suitable to your event – we have many different sized vessels. We recommend that you choose a larger vessel so that we can furnish sparsely between chairs/tables.
  • Many boats have smaller salons so that the guests can be divided into smaller groups.
  • Many boats have outdoor decking that makes it possible to have some parts of the event outside.
  • Give all participants clear guidelines of what to do in the event of any symptoms of illness.
  • Tell all guests to wash their hands often and keep good distance.
M/S Waxholm III
M/S Waxholm III

Charter a boat for a safer event during Corona

If you are planning a conference, meeting or event in Stockholm or Gothenburg – charter your own boat! We have different venues suited for dinners, meetings and conferences both at sea and on land. We work to make sure you feel safe planning an event with us. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Stockholm: (+46) 08-1200 4042 or event@stromma.se
Gothenburg: (+46) 31 60 96 60 or

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