Safer meetings during Corona

Tips, FAQ and recommendations

  • Guaranteed exclusivity on a chartered boat
  • Different size boats – many with smaller salons
  • Fresh air on the outdoor deck
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Frequently asked questions

Can there be more than 50 people at a konference, kick-off or meeting?

Yes! Kick-offs, meetings and conferences are not considered a public gathering and are therefore exempt from the Public Order Act (which has a limit of 50 people). However, the Public Health authority still recommend that you assess potential risks prior to the event and carry out actions to reduce any risk involved.

What are the recommendations for reducing the spread of infection at a meeting or conference?

  • Carry out a risk assessment as recommended by the Swedish Public Health Authority (see more information below)
  • Inform all participants regarding protocol when showing any symptom of illness
  • Ensure there are sufficient resources for sanitation (of hands etc)
  • Inform of general hygiene advice at site

How do you carry out a risk assessment?

The Swedish Public Health Authority has compiled a number of questions to assess the potential risk of the event. If you answer mostly YES to these questions the event should be cancelled, if the answers are mostly NO the event should be able to be carried out. If you answer YES to one question you should identify this as a potential risk and create a plan of action accordingly.

What are the questions in the risk assessment?

  • Will there be guests attending from abroad?
  • Do the participants work in exposed environments?
  • Are there any participants who may risk serious illness?
  • Will the event lead to close contact between the participants (size of premises etc)?
  • Are the sufficient measures to maintain good hygiene?
  • Are there enough toilets?
  • Will the event be going on for a long time?

What risk reducing measures are there?

  • Limit the number of participants
  • Limit the number of participants coming from abroad
  • Book a large venue
  • Make arrangements with a provider that can guarantee exclusivity at the premises
  • Make the event as efficient and short as possible
  • Make sure to inform all participants of what to do if they experience any symptoms of illness during the event

Tips for arranging a safer event onboard a boat during Corona

Here you can find our best tips for arranging safer meetings and events onboard a ship during Corona.  When you charter a ship we can guarantee exclusivity and ensure that no other people than the staff working onboard have access to your event.

  • Guaranteed exclusivity onboard
  • Choose a ship that is suitable to your event – we have many different sized vessels. We recommend choosing a bigger ship to ensure that we can space out the guests.
  • Many boats have smaller salons so that the guests can be divided into smaller groups.
  • Many boats have outdoor decking that makes it possible to have some parts of the event outside.
  • Give all participants clear guidelines of what to do in the event of any symptoms of illness.
  • Tell all guests to wash their hands often and keep good distance.

What does Stromma do to reduce the spread of infection onboard?

At Stromma we have taken several precautions to reduce the spread of infection onboard our boats.

  • We accept fewer guest onboard
  • We space out guests and furnishings in our restaurants
  • We make sure to assist our guests to help them keep the recommended distance onboard and in event of any queuing
  • We clean and disinfect all surfaces several times every day
  • As always, we keep good hygiene and handle food items in a secure way
  • All food and drink must be consumed seated at a table
  • We stay at home if there is the slightest symptom of illness – and we expect you to do so as well.
  • Keep a safe distance when queuing  

Charter a boat for a safer event during Corona

If you are planning a conference, meeting or event in Stockholm or Gothenburg – charter your own boat! We have different venues suited for dinners, meetings and conferences both at sea and on land, read more. We work to make sure you feel safe planning and events with us. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on.


Stockholm: (+46) 08-1200 4042 or event@stromma.se
Gothenburg: (+46) 31 60 96 60 or