Arnaud Eygun & Jan Ingvarson

M/S Gustaf III, M/S Angantyr, M/S Enköping

Arnaud Eygun and Jan Ingvarson operates the restaurants on board the M/S Gustaf III, M/S Angantyr and M/S Enköping. They also operates the "Ett rum och kök catering". On board our boats they gladly serves breakfast or canapés, snacks and drinks. And suddenly your transport turns into a small mingling event!

"We prepare classic food with a modern twist. The inspiration we pick from the archipelago environment and our beautiful classic ships. The ingredients are collected from the land and sea - anywhere in the local area. Everything is cooked in the kitchens on board, with water views. Welcome!"

Arnaud Eygun
Arnauld Eygun, a Frenchman living in Sweden since 1976. Arnaud is chef trained in Stockholm and has worked in France from 1986 to 1990, among other places l'Amandier in Mougins and Moulin de Mougins and Pavillon d'Elysse in Paris.

Jan Ingvarson
Jan Ingvarson, is chef educated at la Varenne in Paris. He has worked with Michel Rostang in Paris and with Erik Lallerstedt on Strandvägen in Stockholm. In 1983 he opened the restaurant "Ett rum och kök", located on Nybrogatan in Stockholm.

Christmas 2019

Arnaud Eygun and Jan Ingvarson serves traditional Christmas buffets aboard M/S Gustaf III and M/S Enköping.

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