KC Wallberg

M/S Prins Carl Philip & S/S Drottningholm & M/S Angantyr

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the highly qualified chef KC Wallberg to Strömma Kanalbolaget. KC Wallberg will focus on our boats M/S Prins Carl Philip and our intimate steamship S/S Drottningholm in the Lake Mälaren. KC Wallberg who prefers to use food entrepreneur rather than chef, has over 7 years of gastronomic studies and has worked in the business for 20 years.

"A ride on our boats will be characterized by good and well prepared food, carefully selected beverages and freshly baked sourdough bread. Although the food is in focus the customer will also get a unique experience from a personal service and rustic atmosphere. This includes everything from the interior of the boats, to our china, table setting, cutlery and to the clothing of our personnel. Our aim is to give the customer a complete holistic experience" says KC Wallberg.

Christmas 2019

KC Wallberg serves a classic Christmas buffet aboard M/S Prins Carl Philip and a Christmas three-course dinner aboard M/S Angantyr.

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