Malin Söderström

M/S Gustafsberg VII

Malin Söderström is restaurateur onboard  M/S Gustafsberg VII.

Malin was the first female member of the Swedish Culinary Team and she has many years of experience in the restaurant business. Malin has participated in the Swedish TV-show Kockarnas Kamp, written several cookbooks and she has also been nominated for Dagens Nyheter's restaurant price Gold Dragon.

On board Malin offers an updated version of the Swedish archipelago tastes with roots in the traditional cuisine. For the best taste, Malin use Swedish seasonal ingredients - handpicked in close cooperation with selected suppliers.


Christmas 2019

Malin Söderström serves a Christmas buffet with a modern take on Christmas flavours and focus on game and vegetarian dishes aboard M/S Gustafsberg VII.

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