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Best Christmas buffets in Stockholm & the archipelago – Top 6


Tips on a selection of Christmas buffets from luxury to budget

The range of Christmas buffets has exploded in recent years (with the exception of pandemic year 2020, obviously) and choosing a Christmas buffet can feel overwhelming! Our guide aims to make it easier for you to make the right choice. Start by deciding how much you want to spend on your Christmas buffet – this helps to narrow down the choices considerably. The next step is to choose the style: traditional, modern, themed or alternative.  Check out our list of tips on some of Stockholm’s best Christmas buffets in the luxury, fine dining and budget categories – which suits you best? At the end of this post, you’ll find a map showing you where to find the best Christmas buffets in Stockholm & the archipelago.

The Hotel Reisen Seafood Christmas buffet – luxury

Reisen’s classic seafood Christmas buffet is a firm favourite, with many people returning year after year. Here you can indulge in the sea’s most luxurious delicacies, such as crab, oysters, Norway lobster and lobster. You’ll also be served a wonderful assortment of home-pickled herring and salmon served various ways. The restaurant is newly renovated, and its Skeppsbron location is perfect and easily accessible. If you’re a seafood lover with a taste for luxury, this is your ideal choice!

Price per person: Dinner SEK 1,295 / Lunch SEK 895

Gastronomic at Fjäderholmarnas Krog – luxury

Hop aboard a boat at Strandvägen, enjoy mulled wine and views of Stockholm bedecked with festive lights, and land 30 minutes later on Fjäderholmarna for Fjäderholmarnas Krog. Come wintertime, this highly popular summer restaurant transforms into one of Stockholm’s best Christmas buffet restaurants. The Christmas buffet here is the creation of professor of gastronomy Gert Klötzke and has become legendary among connoisseurs over the years. The generous buffet is served on smaller plates that are refilled frequently, meaning everything is always fresh and attractively presented. Lovingly prepared food, as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds, is well worth the extra cost!

Price per person:  SEK 1,195 & SEK 795 depending on time and date / The round-trip boat journey from/to Strandvägen costs an extra SEK 155

Classic with Strömma Kanalbolaget boats – fine dining

As soon as you come aboard, you’re whisked back in time. Strömma Kanalbolaget’s boats make the ideal fairy tale setting for Christmas celebrations. Traditional and classic Christmas buffets are served here in elegant dining saloons. All food is prepared on board by the ships’ own restaurateurs. The buffets are loaded with traditional Christmas dishes, as well as a selection of innovative new dishes and vegetarian options. The views of Stockholm bedecked in festive lights are magical and the archipelago sparkles with all the Christmas lights in the houses and gardens. The changing view, well-prepared food and elegant dining saloons make this a truly wonderful experience!

Price per person: Dinners: SEK 795 / Lunch/afternoons: SEK 695

Traditional & modern at Vaxholms Kastell – fine dining

On the small island just outside Vaxholm lies the beautiful Vaxholms Kastell. A generous Christmas buffet is served here under the magnificent brick arches. This Christmas buffet attracts many returning guests and is a very popular option, despite being located outside Stockholm City. You can easily get there with the Cinderella boats from Strandvägen. This Christmas buffet features a selection of home-pickled herring, salmon served in various ways and cold cuts. The warm Christmas buffet is extensive and the desserts are “to die for”! The vegetarian options score top marks too. The magnificent yet cosy setting, the top quality food, the wide selection of dishes and the price all make this one of “the Best Christmas Buffets in Stockholm”.

TIP! Add an activity before you eat for an extra festive feel – choose between Christmas Team Challenge and Prisoners at the Fortress

Price per person:  Dinners from SEK 635 / Afternoons from SEK 465 / Activity SEK 395 / Boat trip from Strandvägen/Nacka Strand or Vaxholm is extra

Basic Christmas buffet at Ikea – affordable

During the Christmas season, people flock to Ikea for its Christmas buffet. Although many people take the opportunity to eat the Christmas buffet while shopping for furniture, interior design and household utensils, many others just come here to eat! And in all honesty, the price is the main attraction. While it may not be a gourmet experience, it’s affordable and the dishes served are faithful to the Swedish Christmas buffet traditions! A budget contender that delivers!

Price per person: Read more att IKEA.se

Rustic Viking Christmas at Birka – affordable whole evening

If you’re looking for an alternative or a whole evening experience, a Viking Christmas at Birka is a clear contender. The evening kicks off as soon as the boat to Birka leaves the quay at Klara Mälarstrand. The cold dishes from the Christmas buffet – herring, salmon and cold cuts – are served on board. A guided torch-lit walk through the archaeological site, the Viking village and the museum awaits you when you get to Birka. This is followed by a sparkling fire show with warming apple mead. Then it will be time to tuck in to the Christmas buffet’s warm dishes and the desserts, of course, at Restaurant Särimner. On the boat back to the city, the ship’s bar will be open. And if the mood is right, there may even be dancing! This rustic Christmas buffet is inspired by Viking meals. A full-on evening that ends when the boat returns to the city.

Price per person:   SEK 1,350 including boat trip, Christmas buffet, torch walk, fire show & jester entertainment

Map of the best Christmas buffets in Stockholm & the archipelago

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